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Are polarized sunglasses worth it?

Summer is here to stay and it means more sun-filled hours spent outdoors. It’s the perfect time to invest in a pair of sunglasses but first, let’s start the most important question; which pair of sunglasses for summer would offer you the best eye care and why? The straightforward answer would be polarized sunglasses – a pair that covers your eyes and surrounding soft skin tissue around them.

According to Execuspecs, these are the hottest polarized sunglasses trends of 2020:

  1. Retro 90’s sunglasses might be small but it doesn’t mean they don’t offer any protection, a well-designed pair will have you protected and looking great simultaneously.
  2. Following their re-emergence in the summer of 2017 – mirrored lenses have proven they’re here to stay. They’re protective and have since proven they can be classy too.
  3. If ever there were a pair of sunglasses that screamed sophistication it would be clear lensed-sunnies. On second thoughts; sophistication doesn’t scream, it whispers… in this case, it can still be found embodied in these sunglasses.
  4. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, aviator sunglasses keep coming back. Somehow, this season they seem to have taken on new heights, with a slight curvature, and some doting a thicker, more pronounced beam, aviator frames have won our hearts once more.
  5. If reimagined aviators are the phoenix, then this season’s pastel-tinted sunglasses are the ‘Dragon to the Koi fish’. Emerging in the 60s, these were better known in their original rose-coloured form. Through time, innovative designers have added an array of colours to choose from (and we love it). From baby-blue to green and burnt orange – pastel sunnies come in all shades and frames.

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