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Make this Valentine’s Day extra romantic

Few things compare to a romantic candle-lit dinner with your partner so why not turn your home into a romantic rendezvous for two?

Alon Sachs, co-founder of Mobelli Furniture + Living, says that the clever use of furnishings and decor can help you to create romantic moments for you and your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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Knock you partner off their feet with these tips:

  • Think of the overall atmosphere you want to create and select only decor items that bring this theme to life. Metallics are great choice to create a romantic setting, as they reflect light, and this enhances the feel of the space. Nothing says love like roses so add vases filled with flowers in soft hues to create a focal point on your table.
  • You’ll be spending a lot of time at the table indulging in your food and enjoying the company so comfort should be a priority. Opt for soft, textured fabrics like velvet to help you create a sensory experience.
  • If you’re not in the mood for a big, fancy dinner, you can create a romantic picnic spot. Either make use of a contemporary picnic table or take inspiration from an Arabic Majlis to create a cushioned seating area. Textured throws, soft rugs and cushions in romantic fabrics, layered over each other, will create a warm space and add an element of fineness to your dinner.
  • Lighting sets the mood and defines the atmosphere of a space. Table lamps, fairy ligths and candles are a must for a romantic setting and can be used to create a feature on your dining table. If you’ve created a dining experience outdoors, don’t just rely on moonlight – create a walkway of lights leading to your dining area, or use LED orb balls to create pockets of soft lighting.
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