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For the love of rugs

Featherbrooke’s Nadine Lubbe quit her logistics career to turn her hobby into a business.
This incredible businesswoman shares her love of colourful rugs and being a homebody.

Is there anything more blissful than a soft, fluffy rug beneath your toes? We don’t think so… and Nadine’s home is tastefully decorated with every rug you can think of. We are talking shags, Persians and rugs that bring a pop of colour to the room. She quit her job in the logistics industry in 2017 when she decided to turn her hobby of importing rugs from all over the world into a unique niche business, which she runs from a home office.

‘My business, Rugs & Such, started as a few Facebook posts; however, I soon realised that people love rugs but that they don’t know where to find them or simply don’t have the time to look for them. I saw a gap in the market and designed a website with an incredible search engine, so interior decorators and everybody else can find their dream rug in no time.’

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Her love of rugs evolved over the years as she moved from home to home, and finally had more space. Each move brought the opportunity to play with colours and patterns as she furnished each new home.

‘I love how a rug can just tie a room together. I get overly excited about some of the rugs my clients order and I will go to the ends of the earth to find them the perfect rug because I know it is going to be a special addition to their homes. I spend most of my time barefoot on the floor so I feel most at home on a soft and pretty rug. I want to share that feeling with the world.’

She has created the largest independent online website, just for rugs. Not only can you choose from any shape and size imaginable, but her newly launched ‘Custom Design Studio’ provides the opportunity to create your own rugs. Although she has a love affair with rugs, her husband and three children are the loves of her life.

‘Family is very important to me and travelling is a priority for our family. We try to go skiing in the snow as a family at least every year but my husband and I have also done a lot of travelling. My favourite travel destinations we’ve been to are America, Italy, France, Austria, Croatia, Vienna, Portugal, Mauritius and Turkey. I’m very excited that we are going on another ski trip later this year.’

Nadine is not afraid of working hard and in her free time, this 44-year-old builds unique lights, exercises or catches up on sleep.

‘You don’t get a lot of free time when you are a mother and a business owner, but my current goal is to prepare to run another Two Oceans marathon.’

She has a very close-knit group of confidants because she believes in having a deep friendship with a few people rather than having a huge circle of friends. Her twin sister is her best friend and they share a connection she is yet to find in another friendship.

‘I’m very loyal and I’ll mess up anyone who tries to hurt my loved ones. I’m also very invested in everything I do, and I tend to overdo some things in all aspects of my life but I don’t see anything wrong with that – it’s just who I am.’

Being a creative soul, her Bohemian and Moroccan styles reflect not only in her clothes, but also in her home decor and in her favourite rugs.

‘I just want to be happy and when I’m being creative with rugs, I’m in my happy place … I hope that one of our children will someday take over this business as the empire I know it will become.’

Details: 082 338 0299 or follow her on Instagram, ‘rugs_and_such’ and Facebook, ‘Rugs & Such’

Nadine’s tips to selecting the perfect rug for every space in your home:
• Measure twice, check thrice!
• The most important point in selecting a rug for a dining room is that the chairs should never move off the rug when being used. Be sure to consider the size of the chairs as well. If you have a table with extensions that are often used, it is best to consider a slightly larger rug.
• When selecting a rug for an oval dining table allow at least 70cm to 90cm around each side of the table so that the chairs can be accommodated.
• To find the perfect rug for your bedroom, it is crucial to decide the layout that you prefer and the feel that you want under your feet in the morning. By having a 70cm to 80cm border around the bed, you help your body transition from a soft bed to your busy day.
• A bigger rug allows for warmth throughout the room, and leaves room to play with your space and enlarge the appearance of your setting.
• The living room is the perfect space to show your own personal style and to explore new design aesthetics. You can decide on one rug to anchor the room, or several smaller ones to work with the space. This allows you to rearrange later on if you decide you want a change, but want to work with what you already have.
• There are different padding options to allow a rug to breathe, avoid unnecessary damage and wear; or just add luxurious padding to create an even more plush effect.


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