Be hair-mazed!

Tangle Teezer, the famous detangling hairbrush brand recently launched four new hairbrushes.  From tangle-free tresses to smooth and stylish blowouts, fabulous hair is just a brushstroke away.

Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool (R370-R390)

No rough drying, no pulling, no arm ache and a quicker blow-dry with no additional heat what more could you or your hair want?

Tangle Teezer has once again disrupted the hair world with its upside thinking. The Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool takes hair from wet to dry and has firm-fixed based teeth. Yes, teeth that don’t move. The reason? Tension is built in so you don’t have to stretch dry your hair. Excess water is taken off quickly thanks to the tooth configuration giving you a faster and quicker blow-style. And with results naturally smooth there’s no need to iron out your hair – that’s for a crinkled shirt. The Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Tool comes in 2 sizes Full Paddle and Half Paddle. Available at Clicks and Dis-Chem.

Blow-Styling Round Tool (R370-R390)

What style does your hair want to wear? Whether you desire the softness of beach waves, a style with natural volume or bounce, or all-over smoothness and shine, the Blow-Styling Round Tool delivers your best blow-dry. Not your average brush, this tool takes hair from wet to dry in a faster time and leaves hair looking fabulously healthy. The secret is in the teeth. Designed to pick the hair up at the root for great lift and volume, hair flows through the innovative teeth easily with no more tangling, pulling or tugging. There’s no need for hair straighteners or tongs as the tool does it all for a professional finish. Available in two sizes; small size for short to medium hair and large for medium to long hair.  Available at Clicks and Dis-Chem. 

The Large Wet Detangler (R335)

The Wet Detangler has just super-sized to handle the longest, thickest and curliest of hair. The Wet Detangler has been created to use on wet hair. Two-tiered teeth flex over the hair without stretching and pulling the hair. Use to draw through shampoo for a detoxing hair cleanse and to distribute conditioning treatments. Available at Scar Hair and Retail Box.

The Compact Styler Limited Edition (R320)

The Compact Styler is the space-saving professional detangling hairbrush. It’s small in size but big on results, delivering tangle-free and stylish hairdo in seconds. The mini-me of Tangle Teezer Original, it’s a new breed of hairbrush that flexes over tangles to give smooth, manageable and glossy on-the-move hair. The Compact Styler is your secret to staying all-day stylish and takes your hair on vacation. Rest is given from pulling, tugging and yanking. Great for all types of hair, it detangles after swimming, tames after a spin in a convertible or backcombs once the sun has set. It’s great for brushing through dry shampoo. To freshen your hair up to the max, Tangle Teezer will evenly distribute dry shampoo through the hair, brushing effortlessly through any clumps. For after-hours, backcomb at the roots with the Teezer, twist into an updo and you have yourself a funky style. No appliances needed. Upgrading your style, Compact Styler is your hand luggage luxury that leaves hair looking first-class fabulous. It’s darling! Available at Sorbet Dry Bars and

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