How to boost your little one’s immune system 

A healthy immune system is key to fighting off life’s germs. Not only does it help protect the body from infection, but it also helps fight infection once it occurs. In the trying times we currently find ourselves in, a healthy immune system will not necessarily prevent the contraction of all viruses, but it will be absolutely essential in helping the body fight viruses if it is infected.

How does an immune system protect the body? According to Medical News Today, the immune system has the ability to differentiate between the body’s own tissue and foreign tissues. It attacks what it deems an invader by secreting antibodies (these are special proteins that lock on to antigens). An invader can be a bacterium, fungus, virus, toxin, or foreign body. Once the antibody is locked onto the antigen (toxin or foreign body), it “marks it for death” and other essential parts of the immune system such as T lymphocytes work to destroy the antigen and clear it away (

How can we strengthen our immune systems to ensure they perform optimally? By eating healthy foods and ensuring our bodies receive all the vitamins and minerals they need. There are so many foods that contribute to a healthy immune system. The most prominent ones include:

Fruit (citrus, berries, papaya to name a few).
Greens (broccoli, spinach)

Garlic and ginger

Seeds and nuts

Lean protein (poultry and fish)

When it comes to strengthening an immune system, fruit and veggies come out tops. But most moms know that it can be extremely challenging to get their little ones to eat veggies off a plate. Happy Family Organics has a range of delicious organic fruit and veg-rich meal pouches that aren’t just tasty but are also filled with healthy ingredients to promote healthy immune systems.

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