Banish winter skin

Lamelle Serra – your complete winter dry skin solution

Winter is upon us and with it the need for winter woollies, comfort food, cosy nights by the fire and of course hot chocolate! But how can you enjoy all of these indulgences when you feel uncomfortable in your skin? Dry skin, most often experienced in winter, is accompanied by sensitivity, redness, flaking, premature ageing, itching and general discomfort – one of winter’s not so comforting realities.

“Dry, or atopic skin as it is medically referred to, is one of the most common complaints that we at Lamelle Research Laboratories have come to prioritise in our research and development.” Says Dr Bradley Wagemaker, Medical Director, Lamelle Research Laboratories. He continues, “More recently, studies have suggested that Atopic Dermatitis which refers to the failure of the epidermal barrier is, in fact, the primary trigger that results in dryness and overall sensitivity. If dealt with accordingly the problem of dryness and associated concerns can be eliminated.”

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It is with this in mind that Lamelle Research Laboratories developed the Serra Range, an innovative lipid replacement therapy that mimics the structure and function of the natural lipid bilayer which is critical in terms of maintaining a healthy epidermis or topmost skin layer. This patented therapy serves as the backbone for the new innovative Serra skincare range.

But what does this all mean?

In short, where regular moisturisers create a layer of moisture on the surface of your skin, Serra recreates the human skin barrier – essentially replacing what is missing and eliminating the root cause of dry skin. Serra causes a significant change in your skin’s behaviour and not simply a temporary “band-aid” to a dry skin problem that remains after you have washed off your regular moisturiser. Serra is the FIRST skincare range that enables the skin to truly repair by duplicating and replicating the skin’s natural behaviour.

Combining the patented Ceramide-P with new anti-inflammatory peptides and dexpanthenol, Serra moisturisers assist in relieving skin dryness or sensitivity and address Atopic Dermatitis by restoring the lipid bi-layer effectively. Clinical studies in both adults and children have shown significant improvements in signs and symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis when Ceramide-P has been used regularly. Serra skin is corrected skin.

The Serra Range Includes:


  • A soap, fragrance and paraben-free gel-cream cleanser are ideal for sensitive or dry skins for daily use.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial extracts protect and calm the skin during the cleansing process. This cleanser will not remove natural moisturising structures found in your skin and the product will restore the normal pH which is lost with extended periods of dryness. It also cleanses the skin of all impurities and make-up.
  • The Serra Cleansing Gel leaves the skin wonderfully refreshed with a soft hydrated feel without a greasy or oily feel to the skin.


  • Serra Body Lotion with Ceramide P has been developed to optimally restore the skin barrier and improve the symptoms of dry, itchy, and uncomfortable skin.
  • The same highly effective lipid bi-layer recovery system used in the Serra facial products has been incorporated into the body lotion.
  • The product is quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy finish and will rapidly soothe uncomfortable skin.
  • The ingredients also deliver long-lasting relief between applications. Serra Body Lotion is suitable for all skin types.


  • This creamy mask contains ingredients that are focussed on hydration and moisturising.
  • Serra Hydration mask combines lipid bilayer replacement ingredients with essential fatty oils, as well as ingredients focused on treating and repairing dry skin with long-term hydration effects
  • The added advantage of using this mask is that one of the ingredients will permanently bind to dry skin and in so doing, attract water to hydrate the skin for longer periods.


  • Utilising patented lipid barrier technology, Serra Restore Cream corrects skin barrier function while leaving the skin smooth.
  • Serra Restore Cream is the perfect accompaniment when existing moisturisers are not providing adequate hydration to the skin or when dry skin requires thorough barrier restoration.
  • The addition of soothing Beta Glucan and Dexpanthenol reduces irritation.
  • Serra moisturisers may in some cases be associated with a slight stinging sensation when first used. This sensation, if it occurs, usually resolves after a few applications. This is merely the skin barrier being re-built by the moisturiser.


  • Serra Soothing Cream is for the treatment of exceptionally dry and sensitive, inflamed or allergic skin; as well as skin having a histamine reaction.
  • Serra Soothing Cream contains ingredients that go to work and replace this damaged lipid bi-layer. Your skin will trap water more effectively, resolving increase water loss and dryness of your skin. More than that, it will prevent the penetration of foreign particles that might cause irritation, inflammation and even allergic reactions.
  • The product will correct the pH of the acid mantle ensuring healthy skin with good immune protection. It also has a calming and soothing effect on dry skin and will hydrate with added lipid and essential fatty acids that have been lost through the effect of the damaged lipid bi-layer.
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