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Choosing the right smartphone as a Mother’s Day gift

The South African government has given the nod to sales of personal ICT equipment in its regulations for Level 4 of the Covid-19 lockdown – so feel free to buy your mother a smartphone for Mother’s Day (May 10).

Given that we still need to follow physical distancing rules, a new phone might be exactly what she needs to stay in touch with family and friends. Here are a few pointers from Alcatel for choosing the right device for your mother:

It might be best not to try and surprise her

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A smartphone is a personal device, and everyone has their preferences around networks, screen sizes, operating systems, and so on. If you are intending to buy your mother a smartphone, it’s a good idea to discuss it first.

Find out whether she likes the smartphone she is using now. It’s also important to consider who will pay the bills for calls and data—are you willing to pay her monthly account or sponsor her prepaid airtime? If not, what is her monthly budget and how much data and airtime will she need?

Do you know what contract she is currently on?

Before rushing into buying a new device for mom, try to find out which contract she is currently on and whether she is due for an upgrade. Depending on how much she uses the device for calls and the Internet, you might decide a prepaid SIM card is a better option.

What will your mother be using the phone for?

If the idea is to give her a device for Zoom or House Party calls with the grandchildren, she may appreciate a device with a large screen, along with a generous allocation of data.

And if she likes to take lots of photos of the grandkids, look for a good camera so she can snap away at the first family gathering when the lockdown ends. But if she wants a reliable device for simple voice calls and text messaging, a robust, no-frills device with plenty of battery life might better fit her needs.


Purchasing a few accessories to go along with the new device can be a great way to add a personal touch. A protective cover that reflects her tastes, Bluetooth earphones, vouchers to buy apps from the Google Play store, or a Bluetooth speaker for playing her favourite music is all great options.

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