The affects on the skin of wearing cloth or surgical masks


Firstly, the increase in temperature and humidity that occurs after wearing a mask for extended periods can affect the skin. An environment is created where bacteria will flourish. This can lead to breakouts and infection.

Secondly, the increased temperature can cause the skin to produce excess sebum, also leading to breakouts.

Thirdly, the mask will trap oil and sebum from the pores and could make the skin dry.

Fourth, the oil from your makeup and skincare, as well as excess sebum, produced sits inside the lining of the mask. This is in contact with your skin making it a breeding ground for bacteria, clogged pores and breakouts.

Fifth, breakouts should be confined to specific areas such as under the mask particularly the jawline but if not properly treated these will spread over the face.

Six, the natural barrier function of the skin could be compromised causing dryness.

How to prevent this?

You need to exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize.

Avoid harsh chemicals therefore the Beaucience products are ideal.

Your cleanser needs to be made of natural, gentle ingredients such as the Beaucience Botanical cleansing gel. It needs to contain antioxidants such as the green tea in the Botanical cleansing gel. You need to cleanse more than once a day and if possible, cleanse during the day.

Exfoliate your skin more regularly to remove dead skin cells. These will accumulate under the mask. Use a gentle exfoliator such as the Botanical Exfoliator that is designed not to scratch the surface of the skin. Also contains the green tea antioxidant and moisturizing agents such as aloe vera. Using an enzyme exfoliator such as our enzyme masque would be very advantageous. These enzymes act on only the dead proteins on the face.

A moisturiser is important as mask uses with compromised skin barriers could find they have dry chapped skin. Therefore hydration is key. Products that contain antioxidants are preferred, natural oils that are easily absorbed and enriched with vitamins and minerals are also preferred. These can all be found in the Beaucience moisturisers.

It is advisable to add a serum at this time as this will give the added boost needed.

The Botanical Serum contains hyaluronic acid that hydrates and restores the moisture in the deeper layers of the skin.

Skin that is prone to breakouts should not be dried as this trigger’s inflammation. Rather moisturize and keep the skin healthy before you experience breakouts.

As you are using a mask this should not stop you from using an SPF moisturizer. The botanical SPF day cream has an SPF factor of 15 and is enriched with all the nutrients your skin needs to stay healthy.

One last point that we will not be fond of is if your skin starts to struggle, the best medicine is to stop using makeup. Let your skin breathe.

Please stay safe, use your masks and look after your skin.

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