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Keep the common cold away this winter with basil essential oil

With much of the world switching over to holistic varieties to form part of an all-round healthier lifestyle and, given that frosty flu season is upon us,  if you aren’t doing this already, maybe it’s time you considered including the use of natural, plant-based essential oils as part of a healthier lifestyle.

One essential oil that is especially great to keep on hand this winter season is basil essential oil. Here’s why:

Some ways you can use basil essential oil  

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  • Add one or two drops to a hot bath when you have a cold.  The diffuser-like effect will help aid relieve a congested nose and chest.
  • For a mentally energising boost, place a few drops of the oil into your palms, rub them together and inhale.
  • You can also make your very own vapour rub at home using this oil. Combine a few drops of basil essential oil with eucalyptus essential oil and mix the oils in with a carrier oil, such as coconut.  You can use the combined oil for topical application by massaging onto your chest.


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