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3 Ways to change your career now

Coronavirus has forever changed the working landscape, and many have been left stranded without employment, or desperately seeking a change in their career trajectory. Much opinion has been offered about the skills the world, specifically in the technology space, will need post-COVID-19. The skills that are likely to be in demand will include business analysis, software development, network automation, cloud administration, and skills in the implementation of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things.

Whilst the virus has impacted all industries, the technology sector is one that will be relied on to provide solutions moving into a post-pandemic world.  There are a variety of providers offering short courses and programmes that equip students of any age with the know-all and skills to enter into a tech position. Now is the time to re-route your career, no matter your age or inclination, and find a pandemic-proof career.

Here’s a quick round-up: 

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  1. Get Smarter: Business Systems Analysis online short course 

This short course highlights the fundamentals of business systems analysis, as well as how to consult with relevant stakeholders, identify system requirements, and translate these into project specifications and user-friendly solutions that support the strategic objectives of a business. The 10-week course is suitable for individuals who are new to the field of business systems analysis and system development. The course is endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and will equip you with the ability to analyse existing business processes and propose effective solutions to enhance company productivity, profitability, and efficiency.

Registrations close: 16 June 2020

Registration link 

  1. HyperionDev: Full Stack Web & Software Engineer 

The six-month Certified Full Stack Web & Software Engineer Bootcamp blends personal online mentorship with intensive on-site check-ins in an immersive online learning environment to give students of any age a wide and comprehensive skill set. The bootcamp, which is due to be accredited under the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), consists of well-paced and highly-structured modules that teach students in-demand tools and programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Java and MySQL, PHP and the MERN stack. As a critical element in the bootcamp, HyperionDev has partnered with some forward-thinking organisations to place their students in 3-month guaranteed internships to help them put their skills to use.

Registrations close: 30 June 2020

Registration link

  1. Damelin online: UX/UI Design 

This course is aimed at digital designers who want to add valuable UX/UI skills to their toolbox. By focusing on effective visual design and user experience, designers can build a product or service that stands out amongst competitors and that keeps a user engaged and loyal to the brand. This course would also benefit those who are not directly involved in UX/UI design, but who interface with it, for example, project managers, front-end developers and digital marketers.

Registrations close: Registration is anytime

Registration link

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