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Lux Beauty Bar – A self-pampering must have

Recent world events have taken a toll on people across the globe. With many countries still in lockdown, self-care has become a necessity in aiding with good mental health. With that said, good mental health starts with feeling good about yourself.

Following on the highly successful Pamper Sundays with LUX Instagram LIVE series, the brand had a conversation with four of its gorgeous influencers, including the face of LUX Nandi Madida, on the importance of self-care. These content creators also put the spotlight on their preferred Lux Beauty Bar which leaves their skin soft to the touch, smelling divine, and protected from harmful germs.

Nandi Madida

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The gorgeous Nandi in three words describes herself as authentic, driven and quirky. The cinnamon-skinned beauty attributes good mental health as a catalyst for being a functional member of society and a good human being to others. Nandi says she takes time out to exercise and cleanse her body. She also notes that self-care is key to good mental health. When quizzed on which Lux beauty bar soap she prefers for her self-pampering sessions, the stunner quips that she cannot decide between Sheer Twilight and Soft Caress.

She indulgently adds that the Lux Soft Caress Beauty bar is light and makes her feel like she is surrounded by a bouquet, while the Sheer Twilight Beauty bar gives her a boost of energy and a sensual feel-good glow. Nandi ends off on an inspirational note saying that we are all facing this pandemic together, no one is alone and every single one of us must be positive in light of the adversity. The local beauty also notes that we should all use our time wisely, to be good stewards of what we have and be grateful to wake up each morning and be able to live life.

Nabilah Kariem

The lovely Nabilah Kariem describes herself in three words as ambitious, creative and high maintenance. On self-care, the beauty notes that it is important to take care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally as this allows for a better state of mind and directly contributes to motivation and efficiency. It also allows one to enjoy life. Nabilah takes ten minutes to herself every morning after a shower to massage her skin and relax tense facial muscles.

Her favourite Lux product for her self-pampering session is Lux Soft Caress shower gel with calming jasmine oil that aids with day to day anxieties. The local stunner advises in remembering that what is happening is outside of your control and it would be wiser to invest time and energy into that which one enjoys doing. She also believes that gratitude helps maintain a good perspective on most anything.

Melody Molale

The humorous and petite beauty Melody Molale describes herself in three words as aah, may, zing! Hahahaha, kidding! She describes herself as easy going, funny and a bit of an overthinker sometimes. Melody believes that now is the most crucial time to be with yourself and take the time to practice self-care. She believes that it is important to look after herself and take care of her well-being physically, mentally and spirituality. When it comes to Melody’s self-pampering time, she enjoys relaxing with her home-made Lux Spa facial or bubble bath.

The petite beauty notes that she has a few Lux Beauty bar favourites but highlights the Sheer Twilight range as being one of her ultimate favourites because of the fragrance and how it gives her smooth skin. Melody acknowledges that she is a sucker for beautiful fragrances and that the Sheer Twilight range is an all in one with its ingredients of rare black Orchids. Her final words of encouragement are that we are all in this together, none of us is alone. It is understandable at this time to not be positive all the time, but be kind to yourself, look after your mental health and don’t be too hard on yourself. This too shall pass.

Zama Mnguni

Creative, loyal and emotional are the three words stunner Zama Mnguni uses to best describe herself. Zama acknowledges that self-care goes beyond just the physical. For her, self-care has got more to do with the mental aspect of taking care of oneself. She spends time reading inspirational/self-help books and taking luxurious bubble baths to unwind and practice self-care. The gorgeous Zama attributes good mental health with feeling good about yourself and allowing those positive vibes to spill over onto others.

For her self-pampering session, Zama enjoys a cup of green tea, a bubble bath, good music, great literature or even a nail-biting series. Her favourite Lux Beauty product is the Lux Sheer Twilight body wash that leaves her relaxed and feeling rejuvenated. Her final words of encouragement ring true for the stressful time that lies ahead. She advises in finding something positive that you have accomplished and acknowledging it, being grateful and present. She ends with a beautiful sentiment- energy flows where focus goes!

Being comfortable in your skin boosts self-esteem and aids in good mental health. One of the main objectives of self-care is feeling and looking ravishing in the skin that is you.

And there you have it, the significance of self-care and why it is important to take the time out to self-pamper using the Lux Beauty range of beauty bars and shower gels. Not only does it leave your skin silky smooth, soft to touch and smelling deliciously fragranced but it also protects against unwanted germs that may lead to viral infections. The Lux Beauty bar range caters to a variety of needs, desires, preferences and likes.

Visit the LUX website for more beauty tips.

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