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Pandemic Feng Shui: Separating your bedroom from your boardroom

A home office is valuable, whether you work from home full time or just need a space to send emails and do general admin, like getting an online insurance quote.

Designing the right work space in your home can boost your overall focus and productivity. It might seem difficult but it’s doable; just follow these tips below and you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect work from home space.

Have an outward-facing desk

According to certain studies,  East is the best direction for your work desk to face for peak work performance.

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If you are finding it hard to concentrate or make decisions, consider changing your work stations orientation to East-facing. If you can’t face East, then the next best direction is facing North or North-East.

Separation is key

It’s important to separate your work and relaxation areas. This creates a distinction between your work and play areas.

Even though you may be working from home, boundaries are important. Keeping a regular start and finish time, being able to close a door, as well as avoiding checking emails after hours, can help you keep these boundaries and enable you to be optimal in all areas of your life.

Think about who will be using the space

If you are using the work space with a partner or friend, you’ll need to consider their needs. Make sure you talk about how you can avoid distracting or annoying each other while you work.

If the work space is for your own use, then set it up according to what makes you comfortable and work optimally.

Invest in good lighting

Good lighting can do wonders for your work space. Proper lighting in your space helps to avoid eye strain, improves your mood and can make you feel more energised.

Invest in an adjustable desk lamp so you can direct light exactly where you need it. You can always turn lights down or off if they’re too bright, but it’s better to have a lot of lighting options than too few.

Colour is key

The best home office setup is the one that suits the tastes and needs of whoever will be working there. Use colours that you associate with warmth and happiness to make the space feel like yours. If your space has clashing colours, then it can give you a feeling of chaos, making you uncomfortable and hamper your productivity. Having warm, soothing colours encourages creativity and helps you feel calm and comfortable.

Sunlight is your friend

Vitamin D helps to improve your levels of happiness. Sunlight is the best way to naturally improve your body’s vitamin D levels and it also helps you feel awake. Where possible, try to make sure that your desk is close to sunlight so that you can soak in all the glory of the sun. Additionally, consider getting potted plants as they will oxygenate your work space and aid in keeping you calm.

Don’t Rush

The time and effort it takes to create an efficient work space at home is definitely worth it. Once you’ve created your perfect work space, take the time out to protect your assets and invest in great home insurance.

Your mental health can be affected by your work space, so make sure it’s a nurturing environment. You need to feel good and be comfortable at work, so when you’re done with your day, you can still engage in activities that are meaningful to you. So, plan what you want to do with your space and take the time to live your way.

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