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ADAM is back with a new single and group member!

The secret is out … and fans of the boyband, ADAM are ecstatic! The group is back with a new member and is also releasing a brand-new single that promises to please even the most critical ear.

At the end of 2019, this award-winning group shocked fans by announcing that they were splitting up and the Afrikaans music industry sincerely missed them!

‘In August 2019 we decided to split up and Reynardt Hugo pursued his solo-career’, says founding member, Hugo Ludik.

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‘But lockdown changed our perspective and we realized that we are not done with ADAM yet. My recording studio, MUSE STUDIOS, is at my house and I was lucky enough to be able to keep busy and ‘work’ during this very difficult time. Although we are writing songs for other artists on a daily basis, ADAM has always been my way of showcasing my own music and I have really missed doing that. Life after lockdown is like a new beginning. Business is picking up; I am producing music with Rubber Duc/ Posduif on a permanent basis and I am getting married soon. I haven’t been this content in a while… but Kyle and I miss not being able to perform live and that is why we are reviving the group.’

To celebrate their return to the stage, the trio – which now consists of Hugo, Kyle Grant and Stoff de Beer – has released a new single that is definitely going to spread like wildfire.

LIEFDE IS is a feel-good pop song about a couple who is trapped in different towns during lockdown. The guy is thinking about his girlfriend and wondering if their relationship is going to survive this difficult time. He then realises that their love is strong and has overcome many obstacles in the past and that this time was going to be no different.

Christoff de Beer, a.k.a. Stoff, has taken Reynardt Hugo’s place in the band. This versatile musician has been working in the music industry for sixteen years and was part of groups like Roots of Youth, Rymstoff and 7 Grade Noord. He was also Kurt Darren’s lead guitarist for three years.

He describes himself as a laidback soul, who enjoys listening to artists like Bon Jovi, Machine Gun Kelly, Blue October and 1975, loves to braai and coaches rugby in his spare time. He has great respect and admiration for Hugo and Kyle and is excited about working with them.

According to ADAM, LIEFDE IS is the perfect teaser for what they have planned for the future. ‘We are very proud of the song and it has always been important for us to include new and modern elements in our music. We love our language and believe that there is no reason why our songs cannot compete with international pop music. We wrote a lot of new songs during lockdown and cannot wait to share it with fans!’

LIEFDE IS is now available online. Download it here.

Follow them on Facebook, Twitter or visit their website.


Alishia van Deventer at [email protected]

Image: Deon van Wyk.

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