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With a twinkle and a flick, fairy godmother, Lana Joubert transformed the winner of our makeover competition into a woman who oozes confidence. Happy sigh … See for yourself!

Krugersdorp North’s Angelique Botha was selected from hundreds of entries for a marvellous makeover by makeover specialist, Lana Joubert.

‘Each one of the entries was deserving, but Anqelique’s stood out for me as I could see the hurt in her eyes. Only after selecting her as the winner, I was told that her family’s home was severely damaged by a flood in January. Well, this confirmed my decision.’

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A quick recap of what Angelique has won – full head tint/ foils, cut and styling, Goldwell in-salon treatment, transformation make-up, a Beauty Box, and an in-dept image consultation. Two anonymous donors also gifted her a Carries clothing voucher. Angelique, 47, is a stay-at-home-mom with two daughters, aged 18 and 13.

‘I entered because I realised I was in desperate need of a new look. Apart from this, I’ve been following Lana on social media for quite a while and was really impressed by the makeovers she has done. I did not think for one moment that I might win, but deep in my heart I wished for a miracle.’

Heavy rain and flooding caused severe damage to Angelique’s home. Water gushed in from everywhere and they had to evacuate. At one stage the water was about 1,5 metres deep, which resulted in their cars floating in the garage, furniture floating around, cupboards collapsing, and appliances, clothes, photographs and so much more being destroyed.
‘When I heard that I had won, I couldn’t believe it. Only when I stepped into Lana’s salon everything became a reality.

‘The end result took my breath away. Having received so many compliments, some even saying that I look years younger, I’m definitely going to stick to all the tips and tricks Lana so generously shared.’

The transformation:
Hair: Warm copper brown colour with finely weaved golden highlights

The style: A-line bob. Angelique has very fine hair, so I aimed to give her a hairstyle that would create the illusion of fuller and thicker hair that would still be easy to maintain. She can style it with loose curls, flick it out, wear it straight or blow-dry it with volume.
For fine hair, layers are not always the answer. It mostly rejects volume and it can appear limp and jagged when it lies flat with all the layering. Rather opt for a long bob or a classic one-length bob cut. Shoulder-length hair is ideal.

Make-up: She has a warm skin tone and a slight yellow undertone with fine freckles. So earthy, rich and warm tones like copper, tans, red-brown, chocolate, gold and burgundy work best for Angelique. She should avoid cool make-up colours like pink, grey, purple, green, blue, berries, etc.
Colour tips: Angelique’s eyes and skin reflect autumn colours. She can wear a wide range of colours with confidence. Mustard, rusty brown, olive green, tan, burgundy, burnt orange, maroon, teal, cream, warm grey and muted gold complements her perfectly. She should avoid colours that are too bright or too dark.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video below:




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