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Leandri Pretorius is a firm believer of everything in moderation. Except for chocolate brownies. She seldom passes up a chance to indulge her sweet tooth. Not quite what you expect from a fitness fanatic. But life, she says, is all about balance.

Pink Steri Stumpi. Double bacon and avo cheeseburger. And a chocolate brownie … or three. This is what makes Leandri Pretorius smile from ear to ear. It also happens to be her favourite indulgence after a tough IBFF competition.

Just a few months ago, Leandri won the IBBF (International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) World Cup Fitness Model in the tall category (over 1.68m). And before that … The IBFF Beach Bikini. And the Pro Divas. And the list goes on. Come June next year, she’ll be on stage again to take part in the IBFF World Championship in Koper Slovenia.

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This mom of two toddlers has always been the sporty type, except for running, which she hates, knew nothing about the IBFF industry. It wasn’t until she went to watch a show in support of a friend who competed that she got hooked.

“That night I was like, wow, this is something I just have to give a go. Twelve weeks later I took place in my first competition, won Miss Beach Bikini and Fitness Model and qualified to take part in the IBFF SA championship.

“Yes, some people whisper and others make sneering comments when they find out you’ve joined the world of female bodybuilding. But what they do not know about are the many, many hours of spending time in the gym and the absolute dedication when it comes to your diet.

“And just to be clear, bodybuilding has such a broad definition, there are different line-ups for each individual. All according to your body type, weight and height. I’ve made the conscious decision to stay and look feminine and prep for every competition the natural way.”

She came across the MCT Angels (Military Core Training), a women-only, international fitness team spear-headed by Brett Richard Palframan. “What makes the Angels so incredible, that it is for women from all walks of life or different parts of the world. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder; you can join even if you just want to lose weight. Brett works out your diet according to your lifestyle and what you love. In my instance, he knows I have a deadly sweet tooth and makes sure I can munch on something to satisfy my sweet craving.”

On the topic of sweet cravings, Leandri is currently working on a healthy baking cookbook. Especially for those struggling with the same “problem”, as she calls it.

“I took all my favourite sweet treats and desserts and redid them into healthier versions. Think chocolate brownies, cheesecake, nutty crunch bars, chocolate and coconut fudge and my easy mud cake. And I promise you, some actually taste even better!”

When Leandri is not prepping for a comp, running a modelling and grooming school or doing the nursery school drive, she is the marketing and PR manager for Dros, Krugersdorp. A title that fits this energetic, bubbly and social butterfly like a glove. She’s been the driving force behind many golf and charity events, music shows, drive-in roadhouse movie nights and community outreaches just to mention a few. Leandri is currently working on their Christmas project for The Bethany House Trust, a child protection organisation and child and youth care centre.

“This is a project very close to my heart and also the second year we’re doing this. We will make sure that 122 children will all receive their ‘Christmas Wishlist’, personal care products as well as school necessities. The children’s humble wish lists just once again remind you that we have so much to be grateful for.”

If you want to help make a child’s wish list come true, ring Leandri on 011 660 5191 or pop her a mail [email protected].


Leandri’s mud cake recipe:
You’ll need: two scoops of whey protein (I use the Turkish Delight flavour); 20ml almond milk; 5ml baking powder; 30ml cocoa powder
How to: Mix all the ingredients. Pour in a big mug. Bake it on high heat in the microwave for exactly 19 seconds. Voila, a super yummy and moist mud cake!

Seven ways to stay fit this holiday without going to the gym:
1. Find restaurants that are within walking distance from where you stay.
2. Try new activities. Do a scuba diving or snorkelling class, go river rafting, play beach volleyball, take the family ice-skating or go pedal boating.
3. Always opt for the stairs than the elevator.
4. Instead of laying in the sun to catch a tan, rather burn some calories by playing or riding a bike with the kids or playing games in the pool.
5. Plan movement opportunities into every day – go for a hike, walk on the beach or go for a family walk around the neighbourhood.
6. Aim for fitness maintenance. Squeeze in some form of activity, don’t skip exercising altogether. A quick workout is better than doing nothing.
7. Turn your holiday shopping runs to the mall into exercise sessions. Park in the back of the parking lot and walk around the mall a few times while shopping. Burn calories while burning your wallet!

Easy healthy food swaps:
• Instead of potatoes, rather opt for sweet potatoes
• Replace sweets or chips by snacking on frozen grapes, berries, unsalted nuts or trail mix
• Reach for cinnamon tea instead of hot chocolate
• Replace beer with whisky or red wine
• Instead of white chocolate or milk chocolate, choose dark chocolate
• Rather swap full cream milk for almond milk
• Opt for grilled food instead of fried
• Use avocado’s and make your own dip, rather than buying the unhealthy dips


Details: Follow @leandripretorius_fitness or @militarycoretraining on Insta.

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