The secret to a confident summer… the perfect deo and a great hamper win!


Summer’s on its way and that means a whole lot of outdoor fun – being out and about with friends, being more active, and also showing off more skin as we wear our sleeveless summertime fun OOTD.

It also means sweating with odour and pigmentation of the underarms for others. Shaving your underarms will also be more frequent in your self-care routine which may cause bumps and itching.

The care we extend to the rest of our body and face should also be given to our underarms as well. They may be a small part of our bodies, but have the potential to interfere with our confidence. Therefore, choosing the right deodorant that cares for underarms is essential, and we’re reaching straight for Dove’s Deo Original.

Its ¼ moisturizing cream reduces skin irritation caused by shaving and uneven skin tone due to pigmentation – giving you more confidence to step into your favourite summer fit and cute sleeveless clothing. With 48-hour protection, it will take care of sweat and odour efficiently, giving you the confidence to get active and in the groove!

Tips to keep your underarms soft, fresh, and smooth:

• Double the exfoliating
• Use a deodorant that will seal in moisture and keep, your underarm protected
• Put on clothes that will allow your underarms to breathe
• The secret to enjoying summer is in the perfect deodorant, make sure you pick Dove’s         Deo Original

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