Ear Alchemy TRENDS


If you started your piercing journey with the traditional single ear lobe piercing but are now ready to experiment with a bolder look that will elevate your creativity and autonomy – Well, you are in luck as a beautifully curated ear is undoubtedly the most prominent (and practical) piercing/jewellery trend for everyday wear.

Here’s a quick round up of the top 2022/2023 international piercing trends, curated for us by jewellery brand, Black Betty.

Stacked lobe piercing:
This one is a perfect entry level choice. It started with one, but now the curated ear has been elevated with a second and third (or more) lobe piercing, stacked with the finest jewels. The beautiful thing about stacking is there are so many options available for you to personalise your look. You can opt for evenly placed piercings or closely packed stacked lobes, creating something intentional and unique.

Snakebite piercing:
Yes, snakebite piercing, for your ears. In the realm of body piercing, the term “snakebite” typically refers to two piercings on either side of your lower lip, but for your ears it consists of any two piercings stacked closely together and slightly offset from other piercings, leaving a ‘snakebite’ impression. Snakebite piercings look great with hoops or studs, and you can mix and match earrings depending on your style.

Double helix piercing:
Twice as much fun and twice the statement, double helix piercings offer more options for curation and play, allowing you to extend your stack further up the outer rim of your ear. The best helix piercing jewellery is a stud at first, but after healing, you can use hoops, drop earrings, and more.

Triple forward helix piercing:
This adventurous trilogy piercing is eye-catching when the focus is kept purely on forward helix (or lobe) and graduated jewels that follow the contour of the ear. Mix it up with contrasting gold and gemstone studs rather than matching ones.

Parallel piercing:
Whether stacking the lobe vertically or mirroring the helix to the lobe with two-of-a-kind jewels, these parallel piercings make a perfect pair. Another piercing for the cautious, this delicate ear piercing is a great way to inch into the trend without full commitment. Starting with simple studs, this piercing is versatile and will look amazing with any piercings you add later on.

Constellation piercing:
A constellation piercing refers to small pieces spaced very closely together. This cluster of multiple piercings (usually three or more) create a unique pattern on the ear, with the result being an intentionally random group of studs and gems resembling a constellation. No two constellation piercings look the same, so the possibilities are endless.

Orbital piercing: A combination of two ear piercings connected by one piece of jewellery – often featured on the lobe or helix region. Similar to an industrial piercing whereby two piercings are connected with a bar, the Orbital piercings are connected with a small hoop.

Stacked ear piercing:
It’s like an ear party with these neatly stacked piercings set along the outer contour of the ear. Balancing, matching, and curating the perfect ear stack across upward of five piercings per ear can prove a tricky task so move towards studs or simple pieces.

Vertical lobe piercing:
Two studs stacked on top of each other for vertical sparkle. It’s a great solution to balance out an existing lobe piercing that wasn’t placed properly.  It’s also a popular style for those just starting their piercings.

Stacked hoop piercing: Hoop earrings are having a particularly hot moment in 2022 as statement pieces. Keep it simple with a stacked lobe or helix piercing by stacking hoops in varying sizes.

Conch / double conch piercing: Located in the central part of the ear, it’s one of the most customisable and lust-worthy piercings available. A double conch allows one to get a little wild with the middle ear cartilage and because the placement is such a classic these days, it’ll never go out of style.

Lead piercer at Black Betty Parkhurst, Ryan Middleton, says that while it’s important to know the trending designs, knowing your unique ear shape is just as important. He goes on to say: “Ears are as unique as fingerprints. Some earrings will fit perfectly on someone’s helix, for example, but that same earring won’t fit on another person. This is important to think about when you look at ‘ear-spiration’.

When asked about tips for someone starting their curated ear journey, Ryan’s main advice is to not get everything all at once. “We will get your ear filled up, but be patient and enjoy the journey with us at Black Betty.

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvellous.” – Bill Moyers

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