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Take the stress out of holiday season cleaning

The holidays usually mean summer days filled with family visits, braais, long lunches and at home entertaining. With these get togethers comes frequent house cleaning sessions. Personal Touch share some cleaning tips to follow, to help take the stress out of home hygience and cleaning this holiday season.

“The holiday season is all about relaxing, winding down and enjoying the company of friends and family. Although these get togethers are always fun and looked forward to, when they are planned the realisation that you have to clean the house before and after only sets in the day before, leaving you stressed and rushed off your feet,” comments Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for Personal Touch.

According to Ragavan there are steps that can be followed before your guests arrive to help make cleaning quick, easy, and less stressful, resulting in a home of hygiene. And, when you get the whole family involved, it will be over before you know it.

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  1. Plan ahead: Keeping all the cleaning for the day of the big event, will only make you feel holiday season cleaning stress. There are jobs that don’t need to be done on the day – clean the oven a few days before; cleaning and preparing the cutlery and crockery needed for the lunch can be organised the night before; and, windows can be done a few days beforehand.
  2. Divide and conquer. Cleaning is a chore the entire family can take part in. Give each member of the family a designated job – these can vary during the day depending on what is happening. For example, your son will be responsible for the floors before the guests arrive; then responsible for the setting and clearing the dishes; and, then once again responsible for the floors when the guests have left. Don’t be afraid to delegate.
  3. Choose a product that can be used for more than one job. This eliminates walking up and down to the cleaning product cabinet and saves you cleaning time. Chemico’s Liqui Cleen is an effective all-purpose cleaner boasting a 3X extreme clean formula. It can be used on a variety of surfaces helping you to keep your home clean effortlessly.
  4. Pack away when you can. When you take something out of its allocated place to use it, put it back straight away. You will be surprised that when you start packing away items, your home suddenly starts looking neater straight away, and minimal cleaning needs to be done.
  5. Get your laundry sorted. After a day of visiting, celebrating and eating, the chances are high that your laundry will start to pile up – clothes, tablecloths, napkins and swimming towels, to name a few. Use a laundry detergent that will handle the job first time. Personal Touch Washing Powder Sheets can get the laundry done efficiently and effectively with less mess and more innovation.
  6. Tidy up on the go. Get into the habit of cleaning up after yourself. Tidy your room before going to sleep, and then make your bed as soon as you wake up. Clean the kitchen counter after you are finished your meal prep, getting it ready for the next day. Dishes shouldn’t be left in the sink until they are harder to wash, and there are too many to handle. Viva dishwashing liquid can help you tackle your dishes without the elbow grease.

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