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Our essential online schooling checklist

If you are considering an online schooling option for your child, arm yourself with this checklist … which covers everything from registration to staying connected.

The concept of online schooling is great for children who work better on their own and for families who are mobile and need to ensure consistency of education while travelling.

During the wake of lockdowns, online schooling became a viable alternative to traditional schooling. “There are many reasons for choosing to attend an online school. But I implore parents to carefully weigh different schools against the objective factors that can mean the difference between success and failure,” says Colin Northmore, principal of Evolve Online School.

Ensure you are happy with a school’s offering and competence in all the following areas before making a choice:

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Registration and Accreditation

The most basic first check is to ensure that the school is registered and accredited by the relevant authorities. The registration is difficult to check because the Department needs a policy for online school registration. Without this certainty, parents can check if the school is a stand-alone or part of a group of schools. They can also find out if the school is registered with an examining, which should be non-negotiable.


Logistical Competence

Can the school deliver assessments, lectures and materials timeously and stick to the annual calendar without floundering around? Online study requires a great deal of discipline and independence. The last thing a learner needs is to have their progress hampered and frustrated by an institution logistically incapable of delivering a consistent quality offering.


Academic Excellence, Reputation, Track Record and Institutional Support

Is the online school part of a school group with a proven track record of academic excellence in its brick-and-mortar schools? Do learners have a reputation for excelling and thriving online and in-person schools across the board? These are essential questions to ask to determine whether a new school has a history, track record and the requisite institutional support to deliver quality education. Ask for evidence and speak to current parents and students.


Rounded Education/Screen Time vs Green Time

Is the school committed to the whole child and a rounded education? An excellent online school will incorporate Diagnostic Testing to determine the exact level of proficiency of a learner before placement and during the educational journey; Asynchronous learning so that learners can move through content at their own pace and according to their own proficiency, with direct access to teachers who will facilitate extra activation classes; Synchronous learning where students will also be able to attend live interactive lessons, and Socialisation Opportunities with academies, studios and day camps so that students can mingle with their peers and balance their screen time with green time.

Details: www. evolveonline.co.za


Staying Online

Online schooling means making sure you’re always online. And the MyMTN Home system offers a complete plug-and-play option, with a router, SIM card and monthly data, or you choose to to simply buy the router and then go with data bundles. So easy to set up … simply choose a spot in your home (near a window is best), insert the SIM, power on and you’re connected. And you can top up with bundles via the MTN App. Private, affordable, robust WiFi network through F-LTE products. Details: mtn.co.za/home/help/content/mymtn-home

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