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Our top book choice of the week

5000 km through six countries … an epic journey and an epic tale

Living in Two Worlds is the result of a four-month, 5 000 km non-motorised journey – walking, kayaking, and cycling – by authors Ian Michler and Ian McCallum through six countries across southern Africa, from the Atlantic Ocean in the West to the Indian Ocean in the East. The insights that emerged from this epic journey form questions that demand to be answered by all human beings. These are concerns that highlight the greatest ecological challenges of our time; climate change, the loss of species and habitat as well as our collective search for sustainable ways of living. The book also addresses the urgency of the need for self-examination, for a willingness to be disturbed and with it, a renewed perspective of human co-existence with all living things. These answers will determine the fate of our existence on the only home we know – our planet Earth.


The authors explore these questions using multiple vignettes and their shared concern for the fate and welfare of wild animals and habitats of the world. In these explorations, fact – backed by solid research – meets philosophy to form a compelling and undeniable call to action.

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Both Ian McCallum and Ian Michler are well-known in African conservation, ecotourism and environmental spheres as they have been working in these sectors for a number of decades.


In addition, Ian Michler has an international profile as his political lobbying on behalf of Blood Lions (www.bloodlions.org) has resulted in him being a keynote speaker at numerous American and European conferences and film festivals. He has also addressed members in the European Parliament, Australian Parliament, Finnish Parliament and Swedish Parliament.


Published by Quickfox; you’ll find Living in Two Worlds at Exclusive Books, where it’s one of the top choices for February.

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