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Three laundry hacks everyone should know about

Banish laundry woes with these clever tips to help you get on top of your laundry. 

Crusty towels, faded looking clothes and stubborn make-up stains that just won’t go away – these are some of the typical laundry problems we face on the daily. The good news: We’re about to banish these troubles with three clever hacks: 


  • Hello fluffy towels 

The soft-touch feel, the fluffiness, and the clean scent are just some of the things we love about newly purchased towels. But after only one wash they seem to lose their newness and become as hard as the welcome mat outside the front door. No matter, though. There is a way to rectify the problem – without buying new towels! Plus, the ingredients can all be found in your pantry.

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Option 1: Add half a cup of baking soda directly to the washing machine, sprinkle it over the clothes inside, and let the machine do its thing. Note: No need to add any additional laundry detergent, as the baking soda will naturally clean clothes and it’s non-toxic. 

Option 2: Add half a cup of white vinegar to your rinse cycle. Did you know that vinegar works well to soften fabrics and can dissolve any build-up on towels? Note: The odour will disappear after drying in the sun, leaving towels smelling fresh and feeling fluffy.


  • Makeup stains begone

Whether you’re a makeup artist or the victim of an awkward hug, we’ve all had makeup smeared over our shirts at some point. From brown foundation to pink lipstick smears and even black mascara, the moment it transfers to your clothes, you want it off! A quick fix is taking a makeup wipe to the stain and rub it out. If you don’t have a makeup wipe on hand, try this:

Option 1: A simple alternative is soaking a cotton ball, earbud or the tip of a washcloth in rubbing alcohol. This works wonders on lipstick smears, as alcohol is known to break down oils and waxy stains. Alcohol-based hair sprays can also help with this nightmare! Simply spray the stain and let it dry before wiping it away with a wet wipe.

Option 2: Shaving cream is another miracle worker for makeup stains! Lather on a blob of shaving cream, leave for 10 minutes, and wipe it off.  The makeup should have dissolved into the cream, leaving your clothes looking new.


  • Bye bye grease stains

No need to despair if you get a drop of oil on your shirt while frying some onion rings. Chalk is known to be ultra-absorbent and will soak up the grease where it splashed. Rub some chalk on the stain and throw the garment into the wash when you can.


Bonus tip: Invest in an intelligent washing machine

Modern technology has taken washing machines to a new level when it comes to protecting fabrics, allowing your clothes to last longer. Look for a washing machine that thinks about what it washes and chooses the optimal wash cycle for the load. We love the LG Vivace AI DD Washer Dryer Combo with optimised washing motion. It’s designed to detect the weight of the load and sense the softness of the fabric in order to select the best washing motions for the material based on what laundry challenges it’s facing and washes it intelligently. The result? Up to 18% more fabric care for your clothing items.

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