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Camping hacks to make your holiday easier

Sometimes you just need to get away, and for many that means packing up and sleeping under the stars for a few nights.

“With remote working becoming the norm, people are taking to the road to enjoy their holidays, and some are even leaving for long periods of time to enjoy the work/life balance while seeing the country,” comments Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for Personal Touch.

When getting out into nature there are very few shops to pop into and buy what you have forgotten; this is why it is important to plan and know what you need beforehand. Although there are the obvious items that you will need – tent, sleeping bag, toilet paper – there are a few unexpected items that you should take.

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Here are a few camping tips that will make camping an exciting and easy experience:

  • Foam floor tiles are a great way to create a soft and insulated floor inside of your tent. A sleeping bag may have padding, but extra floor padding will keep you more comfortable when sleeping.
  • Freeze water bottles to use as ice packs in your cooler. Not only will this keep your food cold, but once they melt will be an option to drink.
  • Pack your food into Ziploc bags to save space and keep everything organised.
  • Buy a collapsible bucket to collect water from a nearby stream, this bucket can also be used to do hand washing. No need to have dirty clothes while camping.
    • When it comes to washing clothes, there are a few rules that need to be followed when camping:
      • Use a lightweight product such as Personal Touch Washing Powder sheets to do your washing. Eighteen washes are packed into a small A5 box weighing only 90g, making storing easy as it won’t take up too much, much-needed space.
      • When you are done with the laundry, remember to dispose of the dirty water carefully. Empty the water at least 200 feet from any natural water source where it can disperse and evaporate. Always use biodegradable soaps and detergents. If there are toilets around, empty it into the toilet.
  • Pack clothes made of quick-drying fabrics. This type of fabric is lightweight and will absorb moisture such as rain and sweat to keep you dry and warm. Such materials include nylon, polyester and merino wool.  These clothes will also dry quickly after a hand wash.
  • To make sure that your drinking water is safe, pack Milton tablets. Not only are they used for sterilising baby bottles, but they are also used to sterilise water. One tablet can sterilise 10L’s of water.
  • Use bins that can be used as tables and chairs to pack all your items in. This saves space and everything you need to take with has a place to be packed.

Living in South Africa means that we have a beautiful landscape to explore. Take advantage of South Africa’s beautiful countryside and pack up your camping gear.

Be sure to always research your location beforehand to know what you need to pack and where you will be going. Enjoy your time away and find some balance.

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