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Another must read to add to your collection

We love Ian Laxton’s novel, The Final Lap: Is Winning Enough?, so much that we could hardly put it down…


A family tragedy during her teenage years in South Africa motivates Abby Dennison, a highly talented track
runner, to become the world number one over fifteen hundred metres. An ambitious meeting director in
London arranges a mile race in the London Olympic Stadium with the goal of breaking the world record.
Abby and the other top-ranked athletes are invited to compete and she has to prepare for the biggest race
of her life: The goal is winning and breaking the record.

This is the real world of elite track athletics, where sporting brilliance is no guarantee of success, where
races are run on a knife-edge and a dark underbelly exists alongside fame, fortune, accolades, and records.

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This book will keep you on the edge of your seat as Abby competes in a world where the competition comes from more than the other runners in the race and where potential sabotage and even stalking threaten to derail her career.

Ultimately, Abby must ask herself: IS WINNING ENOUGH?


About the Author
Ian Laxton is a sports journalist, commentator and author who has worked in South Africa and
internationally at events ranging from the Comrades Marathon to the Olympic Games

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