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In Robert Ludlum: The Treadstone Rendition by Joshua Hood, Adam Hayes has stepped away from the field for the very last time. He’s promised his wife he won’t put his life on the line anymore, and nothing will make him break that promise. But as America withdraws from Afghanistan and the Taliban close in, Hayes receives a request from his old partner, Abdul Nassir. Ten years previously, Nassir saved Haye’s life, and the time has come for repayment. Nassir is desperate to get his family out of the country. He is scared of the Taliban, but he can’t trust the Americans either … his daughter witnessed a massacre committed by rogue CIA contractors. That only leaves one man who can get them out of the country. Adam Hayes. Head of Zeus

The Consultant is very good at his job. He creates simple, elegant, effective solutions for restructuring. Nothing obvious or messy. Certainly nothing anyone would ever suspect as murder. The ‘natural deaths’ he plans have always gone well: a medicine replaced here, a mechanism jammed there. His performance reviews are excellent. And it’s not as though he knows these people. Until the ‘customer’ turns out to be someone he not only knows but cares about, and for the first time, he begins to question the role he plays in the vast, anonymous Company. A thrilling, dark and satirical Korean thriller by Im Seong-sun, translated to English, with true events scattered throughout, making it all the more believable. Bloomsbury

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It was supposed to be a simple delivery job for DI Victoria Montgomery-Porter and her sidekick, Edward Reekie. Pick up a prisoner from HMP Grampian and take them to their new state-funded home. But life’s never that straightforward. From the outside, Glenfarach looks like a quaint, sleepy, snow-dusted village, nestled in the heart of Cairngorms National Park. But things aren’t quite what they seem. The place is thick with security cameras, it doesn’t appear on any modern map, and there’s a strict nine-o’clock curfew. Because Glenfarach is the last resort for criminals who’ve served their sentences but can’t be safely released into the general population. Victoria’s just supposed to drop her ‘guest’ off and head back to Aberdeen, before the approaching blizzards shut everything down. But when an ex-cop-turned-gangster is discovered skinned alive in his bungalow, someone needs to take charge. The weather’s closing in. Tensions are mounting.
Time is running out. Something nasty has come to Glenfarach, and Victoria is standing right in its way. Stuart Macbride’s The Dead of Winter is edge-of-your-seat stuff! Penguin

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