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Hide blemishes like a pro in just four steps

Dreaming of flawless skin? Who doesn’t, right? And it’s totally achievable. It’s all about a thorough skincare routine, the right products and perfecting your makeup regime. 

The most important skill to master, however, is hiding blemishes – they always pop up at the most inconvenient time, like on the morning of an event or just before a hot date. If you don’t have time to treat it, and you want to hide it instead, we’ve got just the right tips to make them disappear. 

We’ve put together a step-by-step makeup guide to help you achieve the perfect, blemish-free look with just four steps…and we’ve included some of our fave products, in case you need a little glam guidance. Let’s go:

  • Primer: Primers are the key to flawless makeup application and longevity, so this is the first product you want to apply all over your face. Not only do they allow foundation and concealer to glide on more smoothly, but they also allow you to blend more seamlessly. Plus, when you’re wearing a primer, your makeup will last a lot longer on your skin. If you want to minimise pore size, fill up wrinkles and create a smooth tone, try out: wet n wild Coverall Face Primer Partners In Crime (R119.95)
  • Foundation: The key is to figure out what type of application works best for you – sponge, brush or your fingers. Make sure to apply foundation evenly all over your skin. If you like a full cover option, try wet n wild PhotoFocus Matte Foundation (R139.95) or for a lighter coverage, the new wet n wild Bare Focus Tinted Hydrator (R169.95) is one of our current go-tos. 
  • Concealer: This is only necessary in the areas of concern. We like a white cast-free option, as it looks a lot more natural. Try: wet n wild PhotoFocus Concealer (R82.95)  Stubborn blemishes might need a concealer palette, such as wet n wild Coverall Concealer Palette (R119.95) which helps to balance out any imperfections in your complexion. This is how to use the colours: Pink brightens, green neutralizes, white highlights and peach covers.
  • Powder:  For a gorgeous matt finish that also helps to set your makeup and keeps it looking fresh for longer, you always want to end your routine with a powder. Look for a product that contains tea tree and witch hazel to reduce redness and keep pores under control, making it suitable for any skin type. We love wet n wild Bare Focus Clarifying Finishing Powder (R125.95).
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