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July’s top reads you won’t want to put down

It’s the perfect weather to stay inside, make yourself a hot drink and snuggle up with a good book. We have some great suggestions for your next read.

Joanne Harris of Chocolat fame gives us Broken Light, a book on 50-something Bernie Moon, who’s special powers turn her from “invisible”, menopausal, middle aged woman into Superwoman. With popular tropes of disenfranchised women finding their power and menopause (menopause is currently hot news in the publishing world), this book is bang on trend and has all the touches of magic realism that readers love from Harris’ previous work.

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Isabel Allende, who made her mark with House of Spirits those many years ago, now delivers The Wind Knows my Name – a quintessentially Allende tale of love, loss, and self-discovery, set against the backdrop of a world undergoing major social and political upheaval. As always, Allende’s rich and evocative prose draws readers into these characters’ tumultuous lives and leaves them with a profound sense of hope and inspiration.

Kristin Hannah, famous for The Nightingale and others, gives us Another Life, not a new title, but a book that never released in our territory, so certainly new to us. Expect the Kristin Hannah touch in a powerful, moving and hopeful story of the life-changing impact of the connections we form.

Hieronymus Vos is an overweight, white architect who has fallen on hard times. He is married to a beautiful, black British-Caribbean woman. Although he hates the ocean, his practice has, until recently, been doing very well by designing glitzy, millionaires’ mansions on the Atlantic Seaboard. Pooi is a homeless man, recently arrived from the Kalahari, with a patchy grip on reality. He thinks he is the moon and wants to teach himself to swim so that he can reach Robben Island and fulfil a promise. The third narrator is Calypso, a female seagull who needs to find a mate and lay an egg to pass on her legacy and her identity. By times heartbreaking and thrilling, this unforgettable novel propels the author into the lives of the novel’s three main characters, throwing light on living and being in Cape Town – a Cape Town that is part wilderness, part glamorous high-rise developments, part ocean.

Genius tells the stories of some of the extraordinary individuals, companies and industries whose ideas, products and raw materials solve problems and add value across the globe. Greatness comes from acting on purpose, and there is a generation of South Africans solving problems for the future.

All available from Exclusive Books.

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