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In it for the long run

René Kalmer, one of our country’s most renowned runners, with thousands of kilometres under her belt, is thrilled to be tying her shoelaces for 10 more, at Jozi’s live and in-person SPAR Women’s Challenge.

SPAR Women’s Challenge ambassador René Kalmer has been making headlines in the running scene for many years. She’s a two-time Olympian, with more than 40 South African titles taken in her competitive career. She’s also not called the darling of the SPAR Grand Prix for nothing! René has dominated many of these races around the country for a long time – winning a whopping 28 of them. Although this seasoned runner is skilled at outrunning her competition, she admits she’ll never outrun her joy of running.

“I can’t believe this will be my 77th SPAR Women’s 10km. I still remember my first, when I was only 14. Today, 28 years later I still get excited about the race t-shirt and goodie bag.”

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She returns each year for other reasons as well, though. For René the challenge is a celebration of women’s strength, determination and achievements. And, the perfect opportunity for women to come together, support each other, and just have fun.

“Running is my therapy and with this race, I get to do it with so many other strong, like-minded women, including my lovely sister and training partner for many, many years – an Olympian herself – Christine Kalmer.”

Always up for a challenge, and as with any other race or marathon, she can’t wait to give it her all. As always, we’ll be rooting for you René!

Rene’s top tips to recover from a 10km race:
Hydrate and refuel
Replenish your body with fluids and nourishing foods. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate, and consider consuming a balanced meal or snack that includes carbohydrates for replenishing glycogen stores, protein for muscle repair, and healthy fats for overall nutrition.
Active recovery
Engage in light, low-impact activities such as walking or gentle stretching to promote blood flow and reduce muscle stiffness. This helps flush out metabolic waste products and promotes faster recovery.
Self-care and recovery techniques
Consider using recovery techniques such as foam rolling, stretching, or taking an ice bath to alleviate muscle soreness and inflammation. These techniques can help promote faster recovery and reduce post-race discomfort.

7 Tips for newbie runners:
• Start with a training plan Find a beginner-friendly training plan that gradually builds up your running distance and endurance over time. It will help you structure your training and progress safely.
• Proper running shoes Invest in a pair of well-fitting, supportive running shoes. Visit a specialty running store for expert advice and get shoes that suit your foot type and running style. This will help prevent discomfort and reduce the risk of injuries.
• Warm up and cool down Before each run, warm up with some dynamic stretches and light jogging to prepare your muscles. After your run, cool down with static stretches to help prevent muscle soreness.
• Build gradually Don’t push yourself too hard too soon. Gradually increase your running distance and intensity to allow your body to adapt and minimize the risk of overuse injuries.
• Listen to your body Pay attention to any signs of pain, fatigue, or discomfort during your training. If you experience persistent pain, consider taking a break or seeking advice from a healthcare professional.
• Cross-train and strengthen Incorporate cross-training activities like cycling, swimming, or strength training into your routine. This will help improve overall fitness, prevent muscle imbalances, and reduce the risk of injuries.
• Stay consistent and enjoy the process Consistency is key. Stick to your training plan, but also remember to enjoy the journey. Celebrate small milestones and find joy in the progress you make along the way.
Remember, every runner is unique, so adjust these tips based on your personal needs and consult with a professional if necessary. Enjoy your 10km training and have a great race!

The Smile Foundation
In May this year, the SPAR Women’s Challenge Jozi sponsored four essential procedures for children at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital in Johannesburg.
The children who received treatment were between 18 months and eight years old. In all likelihood, these procedures would not have been able to be done without the backing of the Smile Foundation, which assists children with facial abnormalities such as cleft lips and palates. The Smile Foundation ensures that children needing these procedures receive the necessary medical attention, regardless of their financial situation.
The partnership between the SPAR Women’s Challenge Jozi and the Smile Foundation aligns with the theme message of #4Smiles, which aims to create more smiles by assisting those in need. By sponsoring these procedures, the organisation has helped to bring joy and hope to the lives of four children and their families. The Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital is a world-class facility that provides medical care and treatment to children in South Africa. It was established in honour of the late Nelson Mandela, who was passionate about improving the lives of children in his country. Overall, the SPAR Women’s Challenge Jozi has demonstrated its commitment to improving children’s lives in South Africa by partnering with the Smile Foundation and supporting the critical work done at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. Through initiatives like #4Smiles, the organisation is helping to create positive change and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.

Join in a Day of Smiles!
The SPAR Women’s Challenge Jozi 2023 is back and promises to be another spectacular event. Returning to Marks Park, this year’s challenge aims to capture the essence of the community and spread smiles all around. With the campaign theme of #4Smiles, the organizers have chosen a name that perfectly reflects the event’s spirit.
The newly named SPAR Women’s Challenge Jozi is set to be a day filled with excitement, camaraderie, and, of course, plenty of smiles. As part of the event’s charity initiative, the Smile Foundation will be supported, ensuring that the power of a smile can reach even more children in need.
Get ready to lace up your running shoes, gather your friends and family, and embark on a journey that will leave you with a smile and memories to cherish.
Participants can register online or at selected stores. To stay updated and find important information about the event, keep an eye on the official website www.sparwomensjozi.co.za. There, you’ll find all the latest updates, news, and details you need to make your participation a memorable one.

All the info you need to know
The entry price is R150, which includes a t-shirt, My Jozie Challenge Magazine, a foam peak cap, a medal and a goodie bag at the finish.
The race, at Marks Park in Emmerentia, Joburg, is on October 1, and starts at 8am.

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