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3 tips to help you and your pet move more

“We don’t stop moving because we grow old; we grow old because we stop moving” – George Bernard Shaw 

This quote couldn’t be more accurate – and it applies to your fur baby too! Sitting around indoors all day is not only a downer for your mood, it also causes the cartilage in your body to shrink and stiffen, which reduces joint mobility. This in turn can lead to arthritis and mobility issues. 

Loosen up your joints and keep both yourself and your pet active and healthy by getting out there and moving, to get the fluid around the joints flowing, lubricating them while working the muscles around the joint area to make them stronger and more stable. Start by incorporating these three steps into your daily routine:  

  1. Go for a walk: Instead of collapsing on the couch after work, put on your walking shoes and take your dog for a quick walk around the block. It will be a great de-stress for you, and your pet will love it.  There is no need to go far or fast, even 10 minutes a day will make a difference.
  2. Commit to play time: If you have children, why not make it part of their ‘chore list’ to play with the pets for 20 minutes a day?  The exercise is great for your pet and this time will be therapeutic for children.
  3. Set up an obstacle course: Create a fun and interactive indoor obstacle course for your pet using household items like cushions, cardboard boxes, and tunnels. Encourage your dog to navigate through the course or guide your cat to climb and explore. This not only provides physical activity but also stimulates their minds, keeping them engaged and entertained. You’ll love watching them make their way through the course, and running beside them while they do it will get some of your daily steps in too.


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