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3 new titles to add to your book collection

The Dive 

Welcome to paradise. We hope you survive your stay… Escape to paradise.Scuba diving instructor Cass leads her students out for their first dive off the beautiful coast of Koh Sang, Thailand’s world-famous party island. It’s supposed to be a life-changing experience, but things quickly spiral out of control… Leave your secrets behind. By the time she gets back to the shore, one of her students is dead, another badly injured, and she knows that her idyllic life is about to be smashed to pieces on the rocks. But don’t get lost for ever… Because someone is making sure that backpackers never leave paradise – one murder at a time. And Cass has a feeling she might be next…
Southern African Moths & their Caterpillars
Authoritative and informative, Southern African Moths & their Caterpillars  provides a comprehensive overview of the moth fauna of the region. Featuring more than 1,500 of the 11,000 species occurring here, the guide focuses on those that are most abundant, of economical or ecological importance, conspicuous or unusual. This essential guide offers:
  • Authoritative text richly supported with photographs of both adult moth and larva.
  • Clear ID pointers plus information on biology, habitat and distribution.
  • An informative introduction covering evolution, life cycle, diversity and ecological importance of moths.


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Rich State, Poor State

Why do some states thrive, grow their economies and uplift their people while others, facing similar challenges, slide into low growth, social dysfunction and failure? After decades of work on the ground in states in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, bestselling author Greg Mills seeks to provide answers in  Rich State, Poor State.

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