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A magical win

What would you find in Hagrid’s pockets (a handful of mouldy dog biscuits, a dirty spotted handkerchief, a flowery pink umbrella and so much more)?

What rules did Hermione break at Hogwarts (there are nine, including using the Disarming Charm on Professor Snape? What accidental magic did Harry use (besides the one to accidently inflate Marjorie Dursley)?

Whisk yourself away to Harry Potter’s wizarding world with The Harry Potter Wizarding Almanac – the official magical companion to JK Rowling’s books, and the ultimate compendium of wizarding lists, charts, maps and all things magical. From the ghosts of Hogwarts to useful spells to school rules (the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds, love potions are banned, and the third floor corridor on the right hand side is out of bounds to everyone who does not wish to die a very painful death!), it’s crammed with everything a HP fan could wish to know … and then some more.

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Magically illustrated … and promising hours and hours of entertainment and fascination for fans. Bloomsbury, available at Exclusive Books.

We’ve a copy to give away … to stand in line to win, pop over to our Facebook or Instagram, find this post and follow the prompts. One winner will be drawn on October 30 from all Get It magazines’ digital platforms. Winner to collect prize from their closest Get It Magazine office.

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