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Defying all odds

In a world that divides health into neat little boxes, where body, mind and spirit are often separated, Dr Zandré Botha takes a different approach. Meet the fiery soul with a knack for connecting the dots where others might not even see them.

With a background in science that could make you think she’d be busy with lab coats and petri dishes, Dr Zandré Botha admits that it’s so much more than that. Think of it as an intricate web that ties together our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. And yes, there’s a term for it. Integrative health.

It all started when she was thrust into a world of self-discovery, spiritual awakening and a newfound appreciation for life in her early 20s.

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“I worked as a cabin attendant for an international airline. While on holiday in South Africa, an almost fatal car accident changed my life forever. I had a near-death experience where I met God and I woke up in the ICU a week later with multiple serious injuries.
“The pain was literally driving me to insanity. I realised the only way I was going to get through the next six weeks was to take control of my mind. The only part of my body I still had control over. I noticed that my mind was so fixed on the pain because it was so overwhelmingly strong. And I just started praying.”

From there Zandré took it five minutes at a time and started rewiring her thoughts. Little did she know that within those ordinary minutes, extraordinary transformation was underway. It wasn’t that the pain disappeared, but she just felt like she could conquer it. She deliberately thought about what she was grateful for. As she reflected on her blessings, the pain seemed to lose its sharp edge.

Within the next year though, they hit her with some pretty heavy news. She would never be able to bear a child, and she might never be able to walk again. To top it all off, she had developed arthritis, and the only solution according to the Orthopaedic surgeon was to do a hip replacement.

“I was 23. I protested it profusely and asked the doctor not to consider the surgery but rather to find the cause to prevent arthritis from just attacking the next weak spot, my leg. He had no answer and I felt defeated. Well almost…
“I prayed for a solution and the next morning I happened to meet someone who told me about ozone therapy. I had nothing to lose. After seven sessions in the ozone steam cabinet, I went back for X-rays. The arthritis was gone, and the fractures that were still visible a week earlier were fully healed!”

Even though the doctors had saved Zandré’s life, they had not expected her to live for very long. Not only did she survive, but she did it with style, resilience, and a new mission in life – to open a wellness centre.

“I had no experience. All I had was a revelation. Which was that the doctors were focused on treating symptoms, instead of taking the time to look for causes. And I wanted to open a centre that was committed to finding causes and treating that.”

So, she took a 180-degree turn and dived head-first into the world of holistic health. Almost two decades, thousands of patients and a second practice later, and she’s still loving every minute of it. She’s like a health detective, armed with wisdom, compassion, and most importantly, hope.
Although she’s not a medical doctor, but an academical one, she specialises in a range of multi-dimensional treatments. Think rife, and molecular hydrogen treatment, as well as ozone therapy and CoMra laser. And that’s just scratching the surface!

“In overcoming a disease, we need to understand that we are multidimensional beings, consisting of a body, soul and spirit and that is why it requires a multidimensional approach. That’s why we often use other interventions like life coaching, NLP (Natural Language Processing), emotion code and most importantly prayer.”

In her time as a scientific multi-dimensional health practitioner, she’s treated cancers that didn’t respond to chemo, severe gut problems, autoimmune diseases, Sjogren, thyroid problems, depression, bipolarity and kidney and liver diseases to name just a few.

“The more people I saw, the more I realised that illness needs to be approached from multiple angles. I’ve not only had the humble privilege of being in the front-row seat, witnessing miracles, but I’ve experienced it myself. Being able to walk again and giving birth to my beautiful son, Danté.”
“In fact, my little warrior was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was only 14 months old and the five years that followed were by far the worst of my life. Today he’s a healthy 14-year-old. And I strongly believe it’s the integrative healing that pulled him through.”

How does she let loose? Well, let’s just say a good ol’ chuckle is this laid-back health guru’s go-to prescription. She’s the real-life embodiment of ‘laughter is the best medicine’. In fact, her laughter is not just about having a good time; it’s about inspiring everyone lucky enough to cross paths with her.
When Zandré isn’t in her consulting room or behind a microscope, you will most probably find her spending time with her lovely family, relaxing at the spa with a soul friend, painting or singing in the church ensemble.

It’s safe to say that Zandré’s story is a reminder that sometimes the most incredible discoveries happen when we dare to connect the dots between the everyday and the extraordinary!
Details: Visit drzandrebotha.com

Text: ALANICKA LOTRIET. • Photographer: CJ HEYMAN. • Make-up & hair: STEFANIE PAYENDEE. • Venue: THE CORK TREE.

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