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Sibo grew up in KaBokweni and matriculated at Lowveld High School. “My love of radio started when I was still at school,” she says.

“My mom would pick me up very late as I was busy with various activities. On the way home we would listen to 5FM and I loved the Roger Goode Show.

“I enjoyed the conversation and to listen to DJ Fresh made me realise that this was something that I wanted.”

When she enquired about a position at a local radio station, she became conscious that her vernacular wasn’t exactly up their standards at the time, and it remained a dream. In 2014 she and a friend realised that they were not really happy in their professions.

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Sibo was working as a safety and health practitioner at the time, but agreed with her friend that they should try and make a change, so she sent her demo to Rise FM.

“After going back and forth with Tony Murrel, who was then head of programming, he agreed to take me in and trained me for a while before I was ready.

“He gave me the weekend early morning show and after six months I was moved to the weekday early morning show. In my second year I got my own show, Rise FM Weekend DayTimes, where I was until the beginning of August,” she says.

Speaking to Sibo it is clear why the listeners just love her.

Not only is she funny, bubbly and confident, but she is also focused on serious issues that need to be addressed. In 2016 she started off with a series called “Womandla Talks”.

Having had to deal with an abusive partner herself, she knows exactly what it means to be in that situation, move on and get back on your feet again.

“I would like women to share their experiences regarding abuse, because there is so much healing to be found in the sharing of stories,” she says.

This year Sibo is planning to do a video bringing awareness to abused women that they don’t go through it alone. She also loves to send out the message that women shouldn’t think the abuse was their fault.

“I think society fails to bring across that these men are dealing with their own issues and their own demons which they can’t control.

“Unfortunately, they then become physical and aggressive. Women need to know that they deserve to find joy and deserve to be loved,” she says.

This year Sibo had a project aimed at giving back her time in honour of the 67 years that Nelson Mandela spent to make the world a better place.

Her “67 dignity bags for Mandela Day” focused on three schools in KaBokweni.

In partnership with Lekhu Pilson Attorneys in Mbombela, she was able to hand out dignity bags filled with toiletries at these schools – 67 per school.

This was also the launch of her “Twelve45 Youth in Action” movement. With this, she and a few friends give their time to the young children who received the dignity bags. Not only girls, but also boys too.

This is a major effort to make sure that children in this rural township know about opportunities that will be available to them after school, even if they remain in the township.

Sitting behind a radio microphone is definitely not the only thing that keeps Sibo busy.

Apart from these mentorship programmes, Sibo is also often the MC for big events, but the other leg of her career, that she absolutely loves, is DJing.

Although Sibo mostly DJs in Mbombela, she has already had the opportunity to do so in the
North West and soon she will get the opportunity to DJ in Joburg.

Her five-year plan is to be a national DJ who has played in three of our neighbouring countries.

On the question of how it happened that she started to DJ, she laughs and says she has always loved music.

“Playing music is so easy for me and it is easy to adapt to my crowd. I will play whatever people want to hear. When I DJ at a club like Legends in Mbombela, I always realise that it is a nice mixture: black, white, coloured and Indian.

“I don’t play for just one particular group, but love it when everybody has a nice time,” she says.

Sibo says all the feedback from happy listeners, colleagues and friends, congratulating her on her new partnership with Thebigzill is such a major honour.

She is now at a wonderful place in her career as well as her personal life.

“I really don’t take this for granted. I am genuinely appreciative and know that this is a serious step for my career. Everyday I count it as an incredible blessing, that I am able to do what I love!”

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