Why do we say this?

It comes not from the cotton material, but from George Edward Lynch Cotton. In 1858 as Bishop of Calcutta, Mr Cotton created schools for Eurasian children. As part of his philanthropy, he ordered dozens of pairs of socks to be sent over for the children, blessing them on arrival.

So, following in his footsteps, in a way, is Dave Hutchison. For every pair of sexy socks sold, one pair of school socks is given to a child in need.

It all started in 2014 when Dave, the founder, discovered that too many schoolchildren in South Africa go to school without socks. Dave is a firm believer that sustained economic growth through entrepreneurship and small business development is key to a brighter future for all South Africans, so it is not just about warming the toes of those in need – it is also about using the ‘Sock Drops’ as a platform to educate and inspire with the possibilities of using business as a force for good.

New cotton range

We searched far and wide for the very best combed cotton (combed cotton is a softer version of regular cotton, made by treating the cotton fibres before they are spun into yarn), combined it with our eye-catching designs, and voila! Comfy, breathable, durable and incredibly soft and sexy cotton socks were born.

These magic everyday socks are comfortable, breathable, durable and supremely soft on the skin, and best of all, proudly designed and made in Cape Town.

Sexy socks are available online at sexysockssa.com or can be purchased from the stockists listed under sexysockssa.com/stockists. Recommended retail price: R139 per pair. 

Source: INGRID ALTMANN, Freebees PR & Marketing



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