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Up your curb appeal with this planter project

Create a mini oasis on your doorstep with a planter box.

Decorating the entrance to your home can be tricky if you have limited space or only a wall adjacent to the front door with which to work. This handy planter box offers an opportunity to green your entrance without the clutter of pot plants on the floor.

For a fuss-free option, you can use artificial plants that won’t necessitate holes in the bottom of the box or the plastic lining.

You will need

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• Laminated pine shelving of 2cm thickness, measuring 40cm x 60cm for the back piece. Another two planks measuring 40cm x 10cm each for the box and two planks of 10cm x 12cm for the sides. The base plank measures 36cm x 12cm.

• PVC plastic sheet to line the box.

• Wood glue.

• Sanding block.

• Wood nails.

• Screws.

• Gel stain in antique oak.

• Pebbles.

• Pot plants of your choice.


1. Build the box by gluing the base to the four sides. Fasten with small wood nails.

2. Glue the back board to the box and screw it into the box to secure.

3. Drill holes at the bottom of the box for water drainage.

4. Sand the planter to ensure it is smooth.

5. Apply the gel stain to a damp cloth and rub onto the wood.

6. Attach the whole box to the wall.

7. Line with the box with the PVC plastic. Add the pebbles, some soil and your plant.

For a bit of variety, you can use tomato box or palette wood for your planter. Dress it up or down, add a house number or leave it plain, you can even stack a few of these wooden planters in an old wheelbarrow for effect. Succulents, spekboom (all the rage at the moment) or herbs will all work as fillers. The sky is the limit!

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