Books + wine = happiness. Just the ticket.

Livia has a secret. It’s about her daughter, Marnie, who’s one of the few people she loves who won’t be at her 40th birthday party. She’s waiting until after the party to share the secret with her husband, Adam. Adam has a secret, too. He’s arranged for their daughter to come home as a surprise guest. But he’s heard some devastating news. Should he tell Livia now, or let her enjoy her party first. A heartbreaking decision in The Dilemma by BA Paris. Harper Collins , R305.

Eve Dallas and her talented team – along with gorgeous husband Rorke – are tasked with solving a particularly tricky mystery in JD Robb’s Golden in Death. Why would someone want to kill Kent Abner, a model doctor, husband, father and neighbour? He’s found dead in his town house, and so is a second victim. Eve is racing against time to track a serial killer using a weapon that could wipe out half of Manhattan. Nail-biting stuff. Little Brown, R285.

Grande Provence, the landmark Franschhoek heritage wine estate, has just launched its first Merlot. Wonderfully intense, Grande Provence Merlot 2018 has an earthy array of vibrant dark cherries and raspberries with hints of dark chocolate, cinnamon, cloves and orange peel. Soft, subtle and smooth, it’s wonderful with a herb-crusted lamb or rich meat dish. R170, and you can buy it online at