This Women’s Month we chat to the dynamic faces behind Dineo Pact.

Dineo Pact was started over a year ago out of a belief that the world of work has changed and so can we. We have all been submerged in toxic cultures at some stage of our careers and Dineo Pact believes that there is a better way. Perhaps you have learnt difficult lessons, and you’re exploring new ways of doing things that honour people, their skills and their potential, and perhaps you believe that learning is the new working. Dineo Pact catalyses sustainable transformation in leadership, management and most importantly, in how you and your team go about bringing your best work to the world. As a company of professionals and associates, they offer performance consulting, leadership coaching, bespoke design of transformational learning journeys, digital learning development and online learning in several key areas:

• Listen like a leader: Learn these life-changing skills
• Develop a leadership coaching habit: Align and develop your team’s ability moment by moment
• Build team resilience (an online game for teams)
• Leadership cohesion sessions: Two-hour facilitated innovation and strategic activation sessions
• Agile skills for the new world of work: Stop, think and make an impact
• It’s me in the mirror: Self-awareness and the BLM movement unpacked.

The newest online course was launched on July 27: Get up close and personal with your money. Discover and repair the dark side of your money habits and redesign your relationship with money forever. Sign in and complete this course in your own time as you
discover your financial blind spots; why you spend when you should save, and how you justify poor budgeting. Learn how to see money as evidence of your energy and ability to create value. In just one year our work has made an impact with three blue-chip financial companies, a food producer, an NPO, a forestry company, and a university. We have clients in Sydney and Ottawa, and we are set for success. Let Dineo Pact help you to learn with imagination and create excellence. Solid processes, exceptional impact.

066-246-4779 or [email protected]

Kirsten Garbini

Nasima Bhayat

Hannah Chapman

Innocentia Tshikomba

Brenda Archdeacon

Sohela Surajpal

Megan Palmer





















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