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Feeling the romance of a bygone era

It’s a sleepy Sunday morning. The sunbird’s flit in and out of the soft light, indulging in the yellow blooms surrounding the flowing, bubbling water in the lush green garden at Little Pilgrims Boutique Hotel, quietly nestled in the heart of Hazyview.

The soothing sounds of the water emanate from old mining cocopans, providing a historic focal point that serves to highlight the very nature of the hotel, one which harks back to an era when pilgrims came from far and wide to try their luck with the veins of gold running through the quartz reefs of Lowveld rock. Accommodation at Little Pilgrims is geared towards this bygone era. Each suite is set to a specific theme, among which are dairy farm, bunkhouse, Volkskas Bank, bathhouse and post office, all created with the tin-roofed, broekie-lace ideal in mind, reminiscent of the homesteads along the old mining trails.

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Interior colours are a soft pastel, evoking a calm and relaxing environment with the olden-day-styled decor to mirror the outside. While the look and feel certainly has hints of the Wild West, the amenities are modern, comfortable and charmingly appointed, with the addition of state-of-the-art bathrooms, fridges that hum silently, Wi-Fi and satellite TV. The management prides itself on its attention to detail, and the comfy beds are made up with top-quality linen. A wonderful way to while away the Lowveld afternoons is to indulge in a glass of chilled wine or an ice-cold beer after a day of adventuring, which can be anything from zip-lining and microlight flips to hiking or game viewing.

The private outdoor sitting areas attached to each suite are ideal for this purpose; you could even laze the day away on a sun lounger around the pool at the bandstand-style saloon bar with a book or watching sport on the big-screen television, cocktail in hand. Of course, the sheriff and his jail are quite close by to keep an eye on the festivities that take place! Little Pilgrims is definitely geared towards making guests feel right at home in an olden-day time and place. Being February, it is also worth mentioning the magnificent
honeymoon suite which comes complete with a four-poster bed, antique-style bureau and ball-and-claw bathtub.

Perfect for a romantic interlude, you can step back in time with the added conveniences of hot baths, glasses of bubbly, fresh coffee and crisp linen sheets! For the hungry, the Wagon Wheel Saloon is open for breakfast and dinner. A spa is available, too, should you wish to relax and be pampered; the resident beauty technicians are on hand with a wide range of treatments such as manicures, pedicures and facials.

Contact Little Pilgrims on 013-737-3163 or
[email protected]

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