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A fighting chance against Covid

Covid-19 has changed the world as we know it. It has caused fear, severe sickness and death. After Covid-19, patients battle to be their old selves again; in certain cases it takes months to recover. After the infection, they still have difficulty breathing, their exercise abilities are severely curtailed, and they remain tired and fatigued after even the simplest of tasks.

Doctors Hein and Louis van Wyk have a positive outlook despite the negatives. “There is some good news; most patients fully recover. New hope also sprouts from the potentially promising vaccines becoming available. It seems as if antibodies give temporary immunity (B-cell immunity). Some immunologists reckon that T-cell immunity is a possibility and that we could be protected by this for a longer period.

“We know that Covid affects type 2 pneumocytes specifically, causing severe inflammation in the lungs. In more serious cases, patients become insulin-resistant. In other words, glucose does not enter the cells the way it should. I am of the opinion that the shortage of glucose in cells and the effect the virus has on them, can cause cell death and is also responsible for the severe inflammatory reaction,” say Hein and Louis. “The mitochondria (power station) of cells are damaged and I think that is part of the severe fatigue that patients experience.”

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Stemcure Clinic’s main treatment goal is mitochondrial support in the form of the following: • Coenzyme Q10
• Ribose
• L Carnatine
• L Argenine.

The above are effective in the recovery and activating of energy in the cells and therefore the body. Platelet-rich plasma is a powerful way to treat inflammation in the lungs and promotes lung recovery dramatically. Within hours, many patients who had been on oxygen found they no longer needed it. “Two of my patients who had felt pressure on their chests and experienced severe exercise reduction received stem-cell treatment. About 10 minutes after administration of the stem cells, both patients said the feeling of pressure on their chests was gone.

“Covid humbles any medical practitioner, because many factors have to be looked at and it is still a very new condition. The worst is that some patients do not even get sick, and for others it is a fulminating sickness. It is of the utmost importance to diagnose it early and to act timeously during each stage of the sickness.”

Details: 013-751-2700 or [email protected]

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