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Collfin Group is a household name in the Lowveld, a father-and-sons trio that’s been going from strength to strength over the past 30 years. When Henk van Coller moved his family to the Lowveld in 1990 he continued property development. And later it became an opportunity for Henk to work with his two sons, Wouter and Hugo. Each with their own unique set of skills, they make up a formidable team that doesn’t shy away from a challenge.

Their current development, KaMagugu Extension 4, will eventually have 515 housing units spanning over 27 hectares of lush green Lowveld vegetation. The project offered an opportunity to invest in the local community. Ample job opportunities are created and major upgrades to the area’s infrastructure are being made. The housing will further serve the public by allowing for shorter commutes to Mbombela’s hub for residents. The Van Collers plan to complete the project in four years.

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It was, however, not always a given that Henk would be working with his sons. Neither seemed overly interested in their father’s business. Undeterred by their underwhelming enthusiasm, the boys were offered holiday jobs on-site and soon their love of construction started to blossom. Hugo and Wouter both attended Stellenbosch University. Wouter, with a head for figures, looks after all things financial and runs the company’s administration efforts. Hugo prefers to get more involved in the technical side as Collfin’s projects director. Their dad, a lawyer by trade, deals with financing and legal matters.

They pride themselves on the relationships they have built with suppliers/consultants in the Lowveld. In many instances, the second-generation Van Collers are dealing with second-generation suppliers/consultants where Henk originally dealt with the first-generation business owners.

One such unique relationship exists between Collfin and BUCO Nelspruit. As a client of BUCO, they have been “friends in business” for over 30 years. The relationship is one of mutual trust that developed over the years. The company offers Collfin a fast, effective and reliable service. It is also the go-to supplier for odd requests – BUCO will source products for Collfin that it doesn’t carry as general stock. Hugo comments on the seamless admin process that ensures they keep up with the client’s fast-paced environment.

In the spirit of Father’s Month, we ask Hugo and Wouter for a special message to the man who started what has now become their livelihood, and this is what they said:

“We wish our dad, Henk, a very happy and healthy Father’s Day. May you grow old enjoying your family and especially your grandchildren growing up around you. Thank you for the values that you have taught us.”

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