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A holistic approach to health is an essential part of healing, instead of simply treating the symptoms you are finding the root cause of the problem and addressing it. We chat to three well-known holistic practitioners in the Lowveld to find out how they do it.


A down-to-earth holistic health practitioner, Julie makes use of muscle testing to access the subconscious mind, obtaining precise information about what the body needs to attain harmony and balance before any underlying issues turn to illness or disease.
She uses kinesiology to treat the whole body emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically. “This non-invasive, hands-on, personalised holistic treatment is used to treat the whole body,” Julie explains.

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“Using the art of muscle testing, I am able to correct the underlying cause of a problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. I have access to a wide range of gentle yet effective corrections, which activate someone’s own natural self-healing, thereby restoring harmony and well-being. You’ll feel lighter, calmer and clearer, and you will experience an overwhelming, complete sense of balance.” She goes on to explain what a wonderful tool this is for clearing unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs, bringing about positive change.

Kinesiology is safe for all ages. “You are fully clothed and lie down in a quiet and supportive environment,” Julie says, adding how beneficial the treatment is for stress, trauma, headaches, anxiety, insomnia, emotional issues, fatigue, lack of confidence, physical aches and pains, fears, and nutritional deficiencies. “I’ve always had an interest in alternative healing,” she explains, “though it wasn’t what I studied after school. It was only when my children were very young and keeping them well-balanced and healthy was a priority, that I embarked on this journey in 2000. My word! Is it that long already?” she laughs.

“I guess being passionate about what I do just makes time fly! Of course, alternative healing methods were not as easily recognised then as they are today, but I’ve always felt it’s so important to treat the whole body. I believe this couldn’t be more applicable in these latter years, where one’s mental and emotional health has been challenged greatly, and not just in the physical ways. While there isn’t a pill for an emotion, we really do live in a quick-fix society where just about every ailment is treated by pharmaceuticals.”

Julie strives to live in the here and now, but looking ahead, she hopes she will still be doing exactly what she is doing now, making a tangible difference in the lives of the people who come to her for help, whether it’s remote or in-house sessions. “Life is fragile,” she muses, “and as much as we make plans and set goals for the future, we need to embrace the now.”

Contact Julie on 082 223 4762


Desmond understands the significance of detecting abnormalities in the body before they become life-threatening. A practitioner of herbal and natural medicine, he works with holistic treatments to identify and eradicate toxins and negative energy before it becomes life-threatening.

Fortunately, more and more people are starting to make the connection between your thoughts and the power they wield over your physical body. “Negative thoughts can manifest as sickness and disorder in the body,” explains Desmond. “People who store negative thoughts such as fear or anger, are prone to disease. I think of it as nesting dolls, the principle of adding layer upon layer, all of which fit snugly into each other, year after year, until eventually the body can no longer cope with it. You need to find the root cause of the trauma and deal with it, let it go.”

He helps people to heal by various means of energy healing. One of those is the Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System (SCIO). SCIO is a mechanism that makes use of holistic medicine with advanced quantum technology, imparting information about the negative aspects of someone’s health by focusing on the electric reactivity patterns in the body. “I became very ill around eight years ago,” Desmond says, “and realised that I needed to make a drastic change. I started with theta healing, working to heal myself, and was overwhelmed by the results. I then decided to branch out into quantum healing and SCIO therapy.”

SCIO works in a similar way to a computer, scanning the body for anomalies. “In the same way that you would store files on your hard-drive, you store negative energy in your cells. SCIO scans through these to find out what has gone wrong and how to fix it.” Desmond goes on to explain that SCIO holds the ability to detect and scan anything from a virus, deficiency, allergy, weakness and even food sensitivities in the body. After the scan is complete, SCIO then measures vitamin levels, amino acids, nutrients, food substances, minerals, enzymes, natural sugars, toxins, hormone levels, muscle tone, disease, bacteria moulds, fungi, viruses and the health of a person’s organs. These aspects are then measured to determine whether there are any negative imbalances within the body.

SCIO is non-invasive and pain-free, using electromagnetic signals via wrist and ankle straps, and a headband. Desmond is also qualified in theta healing, a meditative technique in which both practitioner and patient are in a theta brainwave state, completely relaxed and calm. “Theta healing helps you to come to terms with your thoughts and whichever unbalancing factors are present in the subconscious, enabling the practitioner to locate the problem and address the issue accordingly. Theta healing lowers stress and anxiety, minimising pain and discomfort. Theta healing also helps you to enhance creativity and increases mental clarity.”

Quantum healing involves a wide mixture of different spectrums, such as quantum mechanics, philosophy, psychology and neurophysiology combined. “Quantum healing supports the idea that a person can heal their body, mind and spirit by shifting their energy at a quantum level, using their life force to bring about change in the body with the help of the practitioner. Because ultimately,” Desmond smiles, “everything is energy, and we need to tap into that.”

Contact Desmond on 071 326 2264


Specialising in the enhancement of physical and emotional well-being, Lida makes use of bioresonance scanning and muscle testing to establish various physical and emotional imbalances in the body, or in a nutshell, the science of kinesiology.
Kinesiology works on the premise of balance on three levels, the emotional, biochemical and structural. “It changed my life,” she says. “I was constantly sick and unable to get well, and in 2006, I started kinesiology. I was so inspired by my own healing process that I decided to further my studies in this field.” Lida’s passion lies in helping people to regain their balance and live a thriving life – her brand is #leefaspris (live with purpose), and she certainly does just that. She also employs a bit of adventure to help people face their fears head-on.

“We do abseiling out of my office window!” she laughs, “Along with swimming in rivers, building rafts, and bush walks in Big 5 reserves as part of the healing process.”
By using the body’s biofeedback system, muscle testing pinpoints issues that can stem from childhood, as far back as before you were born. Using this method, Lida has helped countless people find the root cause of their trauma, recognise it, and let it go. “I love to see people become whole again,” she says, adding that apart from eradicating unresolved hurt and identifying trapped emotional trauma, kinesiology also helps children with ADHD, detects allergies, clears up energy blockages, pinpoints what limits your belief in yourself and helps you to resolve it. It can even identify why you struggle to lose weight or stop smoking.

Lida’s sessions include biochemical balancing, consciousness shifting and calibration, visualisation for enhanced future performance, biochemical stress reduction and support, nutritional scanning, and meridian and herbal chemistry balancing, all of which go a long way towards making you understand what holds you back and how to deal with it effectively.

She goes on to explain that it takesthe brain 21 days to get used to a new idea and 63 days to form a new pathway. “The neuroplasticity in the brain allows it to renew thought patterns, paradigms and belief systems,” Lida adds. By addressing people’s physical and emotional imbalances with the help of kinesiology, she has helped individuals ranging from the age of six to 88, helping them to find the root cause of a problem, be it a disease, emotional trauma, or a mental block. Her passion and love of her work and her field are evident in the way she speaks, and the glint in her eye when she talks about some of her bush trips makes you want to don your hiking boots and tag along.

Contact Lida on 071 857 6808

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