Book Club


Two long weekends this month, so plenty of time to catch up on your reading. And with loads of amazing new titles on the bookshelves, you’re spoilt for choice.

Imagine, when your child is a year old, discovering there may have been a switch at the fertility clinic. She may not be yours. Imagine, too, a year after your daughter is stillborn, getting a call to say there may have been a mistake … your egg may have been given to the wrong person, and your daughter is alive. Worst. Nightmare. Ever. Charlene Carr’s Hold My Girl is a rollercoaster of a read … tender, thought-provoking, emotional. Two women. Two eggs. One life-changing switch and a custody battle fought to the bitter (and it is bitter) end. Welbeck

A heavily armed counter-assault team. Sedatives strong enough for large animals. A hood. A mouthguard. And Secret Service Agents asking for selfies. Not your average meeting with the President. But Orphan X is not your average guest. The last survivor of the off-the-books Orphan programme, Evan was trained to do his government’s dirty work. Until he escaped. Now the President makes an offer: kill a man, or be executed. If you haven’t yet discovered The Orphan X books by Gregg Hurwitz, you’re in for a treat. And for fans of Evan Smoak, The Last Orphan has all the high tension you’d expect, particularly in this one … since putting Orphan X in an impossible spot only makes him more dangerous. Penguin

Gil knows his nephew, Matthew, is dangerous. The signs were there … on a family holiday Gil’s daughter was discovered nearly drowning at the bottom of a pool, while Matthew looked on. Now 17, Matthew is orphaned and has to leave his Upper East Side Manhattan life behind to live with Gil, his wife and daughters in rural Vermont. To Gil, he appears insolent, bored, disconnected. To the women he’s charming, intelligent, wry. But when he joins Gil’s writing classes, Matthew’s fiction shows a vivid and macabre imagination … he is clearly announcing his intentions to Gil, taunting him before he does something awful to his family. Nathan Oates’ A Flaw in the Design is creepily thrilling. Profile

In Julia Bartz’ The Writing Retreat, five attendees are selected for a month-long writing retreat at the remote estate of Roza Vallo, the controversial high priestess of feminist horror. Alex, a struggling writer, is thrilled. Upon arrival, the five discover they must complete an entire novel from scratch, and the best one will receive a seven-figure publishing deal. Finally, Alex’s long-extinguished dream now seems within reach. But then the women begin to die. Trapped, terrified yet still desperately writing, it is clear there is more than a publishing deal at stake at Blackbriar Estate. One World

A new production company. A tough reality show. A camera woman who needs to start her career afresh. Add errors and mishaps on set, tempers among the cast and crew fraying and then a death, and the tension in Freeze by Kate Simants becomes real! Profile

A compulsive liar. Except when it comes to murder. His concerned psychologist, who fears another girl may be in danger calls in an anonymous tip. A detective who loves nothing more than a cold case. All wrapped up in Cold Blooded Liar, the first in Karen Rose’s new romantic drama suspense series. Headline

All from Exclusive Books.

Two Dogs, a Peacock and a Horse walk into a bar … and everyone lived happily ever after. We’re all for a sense of humour. And a great glass of Sauv. Put the two together and what’s not to love! This is the 10th vintage of Black Elephant Vintners & Co’s Two Dogs, a Peacock and a Horse Sauvignon Blanc 2022, and the vintage, they say, has shown up for the celebration. The Cheerleader (the wine’s nickname) is smooth and fruity (think melon, tropical fruits, gooseberry) and, the wine makers say, doesn’t mess with you … no acidic heartburn after a few glasses. It is, they boast, perfect for pool parties (and we think book clubs) and 1000 of your closest friends … and pairs best with Mango Groove’s Dance Some More. Around R92.


Compiled by: KYM ARGO