Going camping? Don’t forget your jacket!


If you love camping, or even if you’ve only ventured into the great out doors when forced to do so, you know the first thing you need to pack is a good, comfy jacket that will serve its purpose.

Nothing says perfect getaway like a camping trip however, let’s face it: Buying outdoor gear can get very expensive which makes camping and backpacking a real challenge. Between travel, apparel, and essentials it’s important to budget accordingly. High prices should not be a barrier for exploring outdoors, you can still get quality outdoor gear and have fun while sticking to your budget.

We all have our favourite outdoor pursuit, and arguably the most important piece of our gear kit for that is the jacket. Hikers, climbers, skiers, bikers, or mountaineers have to protect themselves from the elements, but gone are the days of one jacket that works for everything.

To get you started, we’ve put together a collection of Hi-Tec jackets for every outdoor adventure without breaking your budget.


Technically speaking, a jacket designed solely for camping does not really exist. However, there are outdoor jackets, specifically those for hiking and other outdoor activities, which make great camping jackets. Avid campers are more often than not hikers. They walk for hours on long trails for that perfect camping spot while others camp when necessary in their outdoor journey.

Selecting the right waterproof jacket for the type of activity is essential, however having an understanding of the terms relating to water-repellent is imperative when scouting for a jacket.

The Hi-Tec Hydro men’s  waterproof jacket is ideal for active walking in the rain and outdoor adventures. Entirely waterproof and breathable with a multi-wear light cover style. It utilizes DRI-TEC 2000mm waterproof technology and taped seams which means the fabric can withstand 2000mm of water over a day before water will start to penetrate through.

Other elements of the Hi-Tec Hydro jacket also includes the ripstop fabric and this material is water resistant, waterproof, fire resistant and is impenetrable (will not allow air or water through) as well as reflective elements that make you visible during night time activities.

If there is one jacket that is perfectly versatile to help you combat all types of wet and chilly conditions – it is a 3-in-1 jacket. Stay warm, dry and protected with the APEX 3-in-1 ladies jacket., made for all seasons and adventures.

The warm fleece jacket provides that extra warmth when needed. The outer-shell is lined with a 3000 mm waterproof membrane, while still keeping its breath-ability. Not only is this one of our more functional jackets, it styles well with your favourite jeans for a more casual look.

This is also an excellent choice, looking at value for money, as it’s  suitable for most weather conditions and outdoor activities.

Don’t let the cold weather hold you up from exploring, instead purchase a jacket designed to keep you dry and protected when the clouds open up. The Konrad II men’s jacket is another option for those rainy days, it is stylish, water-repellent softshell that will take on a adventure. Water-repellent jackets are designed using special techniques, materials and fabrics, which are able to repel water away from the jackets surface.

Notable features includes a microfleece lining for an extra heat layer, the Konrad II men’s jacket has a zipped chest pocket and reflective elements.

Who doesn’t love a sleek and streamlined insulated puffer jacket? Cosy and layer-able, they might be the perfect multitasking piece of outdoor clothing: You can wear one as a midlayer on cold hikes, an outer layer on mild trail days, ball it up and use it as a pillow, puffer jackets can be very versatile.

When you on the mountain, you want the Sorne II men’s puffer jacket that offers Thermo-Tec technology to insulate and keep you warm. As part of Hi-Tec’s journey to produce more sustainable outdoor gear, this style has a filling made from 140g/m2 recycled polyester.

At the same time, the jacket is packed with slick features. It’s got a removable hood that gives you the option to switch up when needed, and zipped hand-warmer pockets making it easy to store valuables. The reflective elements make you visible during night-time activities. It looks stylish enough to wear around casually.

For the ladies, the Lady Flen women’s puffer jacket is an adventure staple for the avid explorer. The trendy print design makes it a fashionable add-on to any outdoor wardrobe. This style has a filling made from 180g/m2 recycled polyester, this filling provides a high warmth to weight ratio and would be well-suited to a number of activities whether it be winter camping, hiking or mountaineering. It’s also made from Repreve technology which turns plastic bottles into polyester.

There’s something truly perfect about where the hand pockets have been placed, they really are great for keeping your fingers from freezing on a cold winter day.



Named for its polyester material that mimics pile wool, the fleece jacket feels soft, lightweight, and warm. With a wide variety of jackets, the classic fleece still is the most comfortable and affordable. These polyester jackets have been providing cosy warmth for years from campsites to the hiking trails to the streets and restaurants.

There are a range of fleece jackets from casual to the breathable performance pieces for serious adventure. Fleece jackets are the quintessential layer pieces. You can wear them under a water-resistant shell or rain jacket on a hike.

A fleece jacket is a welcome addition to your camping ensemble, especially if you have activities planned out on a chilly morning or evening. The Lady Tech Full Zip is an easy-wear microfleece top style for active days, trails or simply a casual look.

A great feature is that it’s stretchy, giving you a lot of freedom in moving around. The jacket offers extra warmth without compromising the product’s breathability. Stay warm on mild days or wear it as a base-layer underneath a jacket, softshell or rain coat.

The Men’s Henis fleece jacket is cut from mid-weight and super-soft polyester fleece that will keep you warm once temperatures start dipping. The jacket has a high collar that’s similar to a turtleneck for extra skin coverage and a slightly fitted silhouette.

It features a full zip for added ventilation as well as two pockets to ensure that your hands stay warm. Pack it for an evening trip to the beach in the summer, or wear it under your jacket while you hike your the mountain in the winter or summer.

The Women’s Weekender Fleece is a staple that takes comfort to another level. This crew neck style active top is made from 100% cotton unbrushed fleece and has two kangaroo pockets for extra comfort. This snug fleece is a versatile piece of gear that can easily be thrown on for a hike up the mountain or walk in the forest. It can also double as a sweater and an outer layer, making it a four-season option. This fleece pullover works great as a mid-layer


Bringing the right camping outfits on your trip will help make your stay in the outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable. While you can plan for certain scenarios and weather conditions when you are going camping, the outdoors can be somewhat unpredictable – with a great jacket or fleece, you will have one less thing to worry about on your next adventure!