Bedtime stories


The best way to end the day is with bedtime stories and we’ve got two brilliant reads for you this month.

Our bedtime story of the month must be There’s Nothing Faster Than A Cheetah … the laugh-out-loud tale from Om Nicoll and Ross Collins.

From the image of the very smug cheetah on the first page, when a race is about to start, through a rhino on rolling-skates and penguins on pogo sticks, a giraffe in a jetpack (a tall order) and a racoon in a racing car (er … is that REALLY fair?). Nope. Nothing. Until seventeen sneaky snails stuck to a self-made, seriously silly, supersonic, steam-powered skateboard sneak into the race. Can they win? And what about the peregrine falcons – the fastest animal in the world?

Brilliantly illustrated, hilarious, and with some great general knowledge too (did you know the cheetah can run at 112km/h but the falcon flies at 320? So .. who’s the fastest now!). Macmillan, R220 from Exclusive Books.

Just as informative, and also wonderfully illustrated, Here We Are – notes for living on planet Earth was written by Oliver Jeffers for his son, Harland, in the first two months of Harland’s life … including everything Oliver thought the boy should know.

From how to find north to the land and the sea, from the body (look after it, as most bits don’t grow back) to the animals to the people (7 327 450 667 and counting) and how important it is to be kind, since the Earth is big and there’s enough for everyone. HarperCollins Children’s Books, R230 from Exclusive Books.