Book Club


Romance Between the Pages.

When Belle’s quiet, idyllic life on the coast starts to crumble, it’s a stranger thousands of miles away in Italy who provides a shoulder to cry on. And so, when she’s sent a beautiful gift with a note signed off ‘P.S. Come to Italy!’ she decides to follow her heart. A palazzo in beautiful Puglia, flashy cars, a glamorous, albeit warring family … the Italian break wasn’t about falling in love. But under the sun-kissed olive trees, anything can happen. Nicky Pellegrino’s a fabulous author, and P.S. Come to Italy is the perfect romantic read. Orion

Revenge, according to 18-year-old Maya, is best served in a teen reality show on national TV. Where she’ll get to reject her cheating ex, and meet the girl with whom he cheated. A girl who Maya befriends. But could it be more than just friendship? Never Ever Getting Back Together by Sophie Gonzales (queen of queer love stories) is all first loves and teenage girls and hot boys and going off-script! Hodder Children’s Books

It’s simply not a romantic round-up without Katie Fforde … One Enchanted Evening, set in 1964 in a small Dorset Hotel, is all temperamental chefs and sparks flying and recipes for disaster, and love! Penguin, from Exclusive Books

An office quiz night with an all-expenses-paid trip to Zanzibar up for grabs. Two colleagues who share a desk but drive each other to distraction. A prize that needs to be shared. Not ideal … but maybe the holiday from hell could turn out to be the vacation dreams are made of. What Happens On Vacation by Jo Watson … light, romantic, hugely enjoyable. Headline

When the love of Margot’s life walks out on her, she locks herself away, leaving her three daughters to run wild. Years later, she entertains friends and lovers in her cottage on the Isle of Wight, refusing to ever talk of the painful past. But her silence is keeping each of her three daughters from finding true happiness. One is desperate to return to London, but held hostage by responsibility for their crumbling family home; another feels the pressure to marry her kind, considerate fiancé, even while life is taking an unexpected turn; the third is trapped between her fractured family and controlling husband. Georgina Moore’s debut novel, The Garnett Girls, asks whether children can ever be free of the mistakes of their parents. HQ