Sweet dreams


The land of nod never came so quickly

If you have trouble nodding off, these Biomedcan CBD Sleep sleeping pills are worth a try. With a combo of herbs and minerals as well as CBD (natural compounds of Hemp extract), you may find you fall asleep faster and have a deeper natural sleeping pattern. One half an hour before bedtime worked for us. R489.95 from biomedcan.co.za

Light a SKNLOGIC Body Candle , wait for a melted pool to form, then use the oil on cuticles, elbows, heels and any dry areas. Moisturising and soothing (great for eczema), there’s one with fig extract and another with pineapple extract. R320 from sknlogic.com • Wind down with a soak in a warm bath. Earthsap Milk and Honey Bath Soak, a blend of sea salt with milk and honey, provides a natural source of vitamins to the skin and leaves it smooth, soft and nourished. Lovely scent, too. Really affordable at R82,25 for a big 450ml tub from Wellness Warehouse, Spar, Pick n Pay and faithful-to-nature.co.za • This SOiL Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser disperses a fine mist of your favourite SOiL essential oils into the air. it’s low on energy, has multiple timing and light settings and automatically stops when water levels are too low. R600. At bedtime, use with SOiL Sleep Blend – a blend of lavender, bergamot, sweet marjoram and vetiver, which offer a sedative effect. Besides the diffuser you can use this in an oil burner, inhaler or for topical application when blended with a carrier oil. R150. And if the stress levels are high, apply this new SOiL De-Stress Remedy Roller to pulse points and let the blend of grapefruit, clary sage, cypress, cedarwood, do their magical, calming thing. R50. All from Dis-Chem, Wellness Warehouse and soil.co.za


Compiled by: Kym Argo