Book Club


All fearless heroes

Start a Harlan Coben and you know you’re going to be up all night. Un. Put. Downable! I Will Find You grips from the very first page, where David Burroughs explains how he’s in prison for his three-year-old son’s murder. A murder that has overwhelming evidence against him, but one he didn’t commit. But he does blame himself. As a father, it was his job to protect his family. And he failed. He hasn’t allowed visitors for years. But when his ex sister-in-law arrives five years into his imprisonment, she drops a bombshell. A photo taken at a theme park … one where David’s son is clearly in the background. He’s alive. All David needs do is break out of prison and prove it! So many twists and turns … an adrenalin rush from start to finish. Century

LV Matthews has outdone herself … Silent Waters is a one-sitting read. The story of police diver Jen, her brother Bill, who’s likeable but has got himself into all sorts of trouble, a missing woman, Claudia, and her husband, Mark – all of whom have shared history. Throw in murder and fame and Olympic dreams and secrets and more twists than you can count and you’ve a thriller that really is unputdownable. Brilliant! Welbeck

In James Patterson’s Count Down, undercover intelligence officer Amy Cornwall works in the CIA’s highly classified Special Activities Division – which is in the business of tracking people down and keeping secrets hidden. A botched field op reveals some dark dealings between an officer’s superiors and an informant, including a plot that could kill thousands of Americans. She’s forced to give up her identity and work from the shadows. But it’s not easy staying hidden when your enemies are elite intelligence operatives. Penguin

Looking for killer twists and heroes to believe in. Well, Baldacci delivers in spades. In Simply Lies, a former New Jersey detective works for a global investigation company, tracking down assets of the wealthy who have tried to avoid their creditors. At the request of a work colleague she visits the home of a notorious arms dealer, where she discovers his body. But things get twisted when she discovers the body isn’t that of the drug dealer, and that the colleague who initially requested the investigation actually doesn’t work for the company at all. Throw in a recluse who’s been in Witness Protection and secret agendas and you’ve another tremendous thriller from David Baldacci. Not that we’d expect anything less. Macmillan