How to stormproof your home in four steps


Strong winds and sudden downpours can wreak havoc on your home, if you aren’t prepared for the stormy season. 

Now, we aren’t saying you need to break the piggy bank and do all those expensive upgrades and improvements you have been meaning to do. We are just talking about quick, easy and relatively inexpensive maintenance work to help keep your home safe during bad weather…which will also protect the resale value of your property. Start by ticking off these four storm-proofing tips:

Make sure the water flows away from your property 

If your property does not already have a storm water drain somewhere on the property, then this is an important upgrade to make to prevent water pooling along the exterior of the home, causing damage. Those who do already have a drainage system in place need to check it regularly to clear away any debris that could cause blockages.   

Check wooden frames

If possible, replace any wooden exterior window or door frames with more durable options (like aluminium) to prevent leaks or rot from occurring. If this is not possible, make sure to sand down and varnish the frames to get them in good condition before the storms.

Inspect the roof and gutters
Get the ladder out and have a good look at what’s going on up there on the roof and in the gutters. RE/MAX suggest doing this after a storm to check for any damage and/or blockages that might have occurred. It is also advisable to have the roof cleaned regularly to prevent damage. A leaky roof could be become a major problem, especially if you are trying to sell your home, so keep this section well-maintained. 

Keep an eye on your trees 

Those with established trees near their home are advised to trim back big branches that might fall and cause damage to the property during a storm. It might also be worth adding extra topsoil to make sure the plant is not uprooted by any strong winds.