Get to know the new Miss SA


Newly crowned Miss SA Natasha Joubert recently appeared on a morning’s interview on 5FM’s 5 Breakfast with Dan Corder and we were all for it!

Here are two questions that had our ears burning the most:

Which 3 things would our new Miss SA do if she were president?

  1. Provide free education to all South Africans
  2. Provide free health care across South Africa
  3. All South Africans get off on Fridays – yay for 4-day work weeks!

Listen to the full clip here.

Did she walk off stage at the wrong time?

During their ‘Pants on Fire’ segment Natasha Joubert admitted to being so focused during the swimsuit segment that she walked off the stage into the crowd on her way to exit, before turning back and realising that she had to stay on stage with the rest of the contestants. Listen to the full clip here.


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