The Autoimmune Survival Guide you need


Autoimmune conditions seem to be on the rise, affecting more people every year, especially young people.

Traditional medicine finds it hard to pin down the solutions to help sufferers with the often-fluctuating symptoms that have a deep impact on patients’ lifestyles, as well as the reasons why the conditions occur.

In Autoimmune Survival Guide – Support for people suffering from autoimmune and other trauma-driven conditions, psychologist Malvina Bartmanski, has drawn on her experience in her psychology practice, which many autoimmune-condition sufferers, and her own experience in trying to control her own symptoms.

Psychologist Malvina Bartmanski

Many autoimmune conditions have their roots in trauma and prolonged stress that disrupt healthy body-functioning. Malvina looks at a range of routes to improving the health of autoimmune patients and helping them bring their vitality back.

She draws on natural and ancient practices that have been shown to help autoimmune sufferers reduce their stress load and boost their body’s defences. R290 from [email protected]