Four fabulous books to read this week

I Know it’s You by Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis’ I KNOW IT’S YOU is a brilliant, clever, page turner. When a publisher receives the first chapter of a manuscript from an unknown author who wants to remain anonymous, she assumes it’s just another novel. But as the chapters arrive, one by one, it’s clear that the author is telling the story of the publisher’s past … the scandal, the trial, the trauma. With chapters alternating between the novel and the manuscript, the tension rises and secret after secret is revealed. Couldn’t put this one down! HarperCollins

Palazzo by Danielle Steel

What’s not to love about a Danielle Steel on a lazy weekend! In Palazzo, sometimes dreams to come true. Set in the cut-throat world of Italian fashion, it’s all about family, legacy, and what you do for those you love. Throw in haute couture, wild parties, poker nights … and you’ve a lovely, light, warm-hearted read. Macmillan

Annie Lyons’ The Air Raid Book Club

London, 1938. And a bookseller is grappling with the loss of her husband, and the lingering sadness of never having a child. Struggling to run her bookshop, she’s about to sell up and move to the coast. But the arrival of a 15-year-old at her door, and the start of the Blitz, when the lights go out over London, see a change in direction for this wonderful booklover. Annie Lyons’ THE AIR RAID BOOK CLUB is inspired by true events – a story about how reading can bring hope and light into the most trying of times. Headline

48 Clues Into the Disappearance of My Sister by Joyce Carol Oates

When a woman vanishes from her small-town home, it’s up to her sister to discover what happened, and why. Was there foul play? Did she merely get away for some fun? Or did she decide to leave behind her claustrophobic life with its limited opportunities. 48 CLUES INTO THE DISAPPEARANCE OF MY SISTER by Joyce Carol Oates is all about the complex relationship between two sisters. Head of Zeus 


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